ROSCO aka Sterling Roswell

Agent: Anna D.

ROSCO aka Sterling Roswell, singer songwriter, guitarist, multi instrumentalist, drummer with Spacemen 3, spiritual leader and multi instrumental driving force of The Darkside, innovative psychedelic studio engineer and producer….his live appearances both solo and with Psychedelic SRB are legendary….holding audiences worldwide spellbound, ROSCO is THE act to see in this new world of psychedelic sound.

Born in Harbour Magna England and relocated to Africa until 10 years old, he returned to Rugby England and attended Dunsmor Grammar school where studied art and music, he performed in the school orchestra on Contra Bass and took piano lessons from the age of 14.

As an 18-year-old art school dropout in Rugby in the mid-80s Rosco joined the legendary psychedelic/drone band The Spacemen 3 on drums for a period of 3 years… after many successful records (including Perfect Prescription) and a final 35-date European tour, the band imploded.

Since that time The Spacemen 3 have become a cult, inspiring current stars like The Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, The Brian Jonestown Massacre, The Warlocks, and new younger bands that go under the nu / shoe-gaze banner.

After The Spacemen 3 Rosco teamed up with his ex band mate Pete Bassman in The Darkside, another Rugby based act that went on mining raga/drone/Farfisa based motifs from the golden age of drugged up LA circa 1967… Signed to Beggars Banquet Records they cut three fine albums a hand full of critically aclaimed singles and an EP for Californian music god Greg Shaw’s Bomp Records ! Gaining a wealth of positive press in the early ’90s and released records world wide on RCA and Vertigo. Since the mid-90s Rosco has led a life not unlike Jack Kerouac… or even Dr.Spock for that matter, as this is a man that knows about cathode rays and more importantly old sci-fi and comic books. He moved to Rome where he ended up hosting a TV show, did some acting and show presenting became a fixture as a leading DJ in the cities’ clubs and radio. But it would not be long until music would once again come calling. A knock on the door came from Barney Stoppard (son of playwright Tom), who was working on a film with Ewan McGregor and Jude Law that needed a suitably wiggy soundtrack, the film was never fully realised or released.

Holed up in Rome Italy, Rosco set to work creating a clutch of his trademark dreamscapes and tripped out garage riffs for the film’s soundtrack, but of course as fate would have it the film did not happen. Undeterred he continued the project which eventually grew into the debut Sterling Roswell album. After relocatin to London, in 2004 he issued solo album The Psychedelic Ubik on Mint/Jungle records.

Recent recording credits include: production and keyboards on the Transparency LP with Sky Sunlight Saxon of The Seeds – Jungle Records. Guests percussion on Geraint Watkins ‘Dial W for Watkins’ on Proper Records, keyboards on Tres Chicas ‘Bloom Red & the Ordinary Girl’ on Yeproc Records and back up vocals with Martin Belmont’s The Guest List Album… engineering credits include Nick Lowe ‘ At My Age’ – Norman Bergen, Hank Wangford, and production include Television Personalities, Jim Carlilse, Venture Lift, Tone Rodent, The Scoundrelles and The Seeds, that is.. a yet unreleased SEEDS album still in the can …

“Interplanetary Spaceliner” 7″ vinyl record was released 2011 on his own ROSCOM record label, while brand new 7″ “Give Peace Another Chance” is due out october 2012 as a preview to his first ROSCO long playing record.

2013:  new  album “The Call of the Cosmos” a 12″ clear vinyl album out on RA RA RECORDS  of Camden Town (Sept. 18th, 2013)
Rosco will perform both in solo electro/acoustic or with his band