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Everyone knows the line “Life Is Killing My Rock and Roll“. The song became an underground anthem, but it’s actually quintessential of what Singapore Sling are about: the eternal struggle with no winners between the “life fast, die young” myth and the black humor of everyday’s life.
Eleven years after the release of debut album, “The Curse Of Singapore Sling”, they have reached and deliberately wanted to keep the status of cult band with a devoted following, not moving that much from their base in Reykjavik and feeding their legend with regular releases on labels like Stinky, Outlier, Fuzz Club, 8mm Muzik: “Life Is Killing My Rock and Roll” (2004), “Taste the Blood of Singapore Sling” (2005).”Perversity, Desperation and Death” (2009), “Singapore Sling Must Be Destroyed” (2010), “Never Forever” (2011).
You could say the Slings it’s a band who stand tall in a kind of dark corner, but also they have a life of their own out of necessity, as actually prove the many other projects of their leader, singer-songwriter and guitarist Henrik Björnsson, now also well known as one of the founders and official members of Dead Skeletons.
About the sound, let’s say myriad of new bands who call themselves “psych” will quote Singapore Sling as main influence. But the icelanders are sharp like a razorblade, Jesus & Mary Chain‘s mess more then MBV, and a pure r’n’r attitude in love with Suicide, The Cramps, Elvis, Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds. ‘Cause they actually write songs, some of them are loud that’s true, but they’re all damn good, the kind of sounds you want to cover the noise of a broken heart falling into pieces.
And if you wonder about the name, it’s not the cocktail, but it comes from an art film by Greek director Nikos Nikolaidis, a perverse black and white movie where someone – called Singapore Sling – has sex with a corpse.
They might be elusive and unpredictable, but you can bet that their new album – planned for release in 2014 – will be one of landmarks of the year.

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