“Piatcions originate from Domodossola in the north of Italy.  Having put out their debut LP Senseless Sense at the back end of 2011, their reputation has grown as one of the tightest live bands on the psychedelic circuit, culminating in a show stopping performance at September’s International Festival of Psychedelia in Liverpool. Their new EP Heaven’s Sins is out in February on Fuzz Club Records and from the clips we’ve heard, sounds very promising indeed.”
Dom Gurlay, Drowned in Sound, December 2012

Piatcions new EP “Heaven’s Sins” was released on 12″ mid-February 2013 on Fuzz Club Records, with official EP launch on February 15th in London at The Shacklewell Arms (Bad Vibrations) and full Uk and Europe Tour following.

Piatcions live performances are now legendary: a non-stop hurricane of passionate noise and sharp vocal tunes; a physical assault of trance-inducing reverbs.

During the latest 12 months Piatcions have played 2 Uk tours and 2 European tours, last one as a 3 weeks trip in October with Underground Railroad (One Little Indian).

Piatcions debut album “Senseless>Sense” released on Sept 2011 on London label I Blame The Parents.- combined the soundscaped inertia of Spiritualized with the set-back and hushed vocal indifference of Brian Jonestown Massacre frontman Anton Newcombe. The album – which got airplay on BBC2, BBC6, Amazing Radio and XFM Xposure – is released on January 2013 on vinyl by Poppy Disc.

Piatcions have also been featured on the Dead Bees Records Sampler presented at Primavera Sound Festival 2012.

Packed with energy and effervescence, they combine the soundscaped inertia of spiritualized with the set-back and hushed vocal indifference of Brian Jonestown Massacre frontman Anton Newcombe. Beat (UK)
A luscious, dense sound, artfully constructed and beautifully arranged. 8 Subba Cultcha (UK)
Piatcions, they can’t conceal it, are a ‘proper’ rock band, with muscle and melody in place. Unpeeled
Sumptuous, seductive and serene ‘Senseless>Sense’ is in short the sound of stars swooning, here the honey dripped cortege of star crossed lovelorn celestial anthems are spiked and purring to an alluring cosmic choreography dimpled with pulse racing struts. Losing Today
 ‘Senseless > Sense’ is all about trippy vibes; rolling, hypnotic drum beats; psychedelic, fuzzed-up guitar freak-outs; Sixties styled harmonies and lashings of reverb that all blend into a huge swirling wall of noise. 8 Loudhorizon (UK)
Traveling between psych and shoegaze, the Piatcions solidify their sound on Senseless > Sense with drawn out excursions like the propulsive As Seen Through a Telescope and more psych-pop/rock oriented cuts like Sleepless and Singapore Mon Amour, calling to mind the spaces that exist between outfits like the Dandy Warhols and Singapore Sling. Mr. Atavist (US)
De l’écho, du fuzz, une voix perdue dans l’espace. Pas de doute, on est en plein shoegaze sous acide, branché à dix mille volts sur le courant psychédélique. My Car Is Full of Plums (FRA)
Il trio di Domodossola vola alto con questi nove brani. Suoni vaporizzati e inebrianti, idee tante7 XL La Repubblica
Tonnellate di chitarre e fuzz, pulviscolo spaziale a mitigare la portata psichedelica-shoegaze (versante noise, My Bloody Valentine) della poltiglia di suono. 7 Blow Up
Senseless Sense con le sue chitarre evanescenti in perenne distorsione è certo un omaggio a Ride, My Bloody Valentine e Slowdive, ma ha il grande merito di aver riportato sui nostri palchi il piacere della melodia sommersa sotto una coltre di noise (provare brani superbi come Sleepless e Time per credere). Luca Frazzi – Rumore (Novembre) 8
‘Senseless > Sense’, con il suo sound ricco di citazioni psichedeliche, il ritmo sempre elevato delle chitarre e le belle armonie presenti è senza dubbio un lavoro apprezzabile. 7 Indie Roccia

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