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DEAD HORSE ONE is a band founded by Olivier Debard, Luðóvík Naud, Jerome Simonian and Antoine Pinet in 2011. Their music spans multiple genres including Shoegaze and psychedelia.
Hailing from southern France,the quintet released the superbly titled ‘Heavenly Choir of Jet Engines’ EP
Inspired by Ride, The Cure, Swervedriver and John Barry soundtracks, the group formed in the town of Valence and have won appreciation Stateside with The Austin Town Hall website praising the band’s “early shoegaze” guitar textures. Focusing on the poppier end of the psych spectrum away from thunderous grooves the five-piece create swooning psych pop gems. Their avowed aim is to be a ”Heavenly choir of jet engines” filling the soundscape of the world with an endless extended note, wistful and melancholic….macabre and beautiful…from which will emerge pop songs…and they do.


The Dead Mantra – Dead Horse One (Split – July 2012, Cranes Records)
Heavenly Choir of Jet Engines (EP – December 2012, Cranes Records)

“This is pure dead-centre shoegaze, an amalgamation of their roster of heroes that inhabits in the same neighbourhood as more modern fuzz-rockers like Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and The Brian Jonestown Massacre.”   The Sound of Confusion

“Dead Horse One vient de poser la première pierre d’un mur du son à l’anglo-saxonne qu’ils ambitionnent aussi haut que compact.”  Indie Rock Mag

“The band has crafted a blend of early shoegaze with hint of psychedelia, creating a heavy sound that begs your attention today”  Austin Town Hall

“Nappes de guitares saturées, ambiance de westerns spaghetti, timbre voilé. Ce rock psychédélique tient sans problème la comparaison avec celui de ces cousins américains. Evoquant les Dandy Warhols” – Longueur D’ondes

Soutenue par une production remarquable pour un premier disque, Heavenly Choir Of Jet Engines énonce de grandes promesses quant à l’ascension du groupe. Point de départ : les sommets. Point d’arrivée : le cosmos. – Bong Magazine

After listening to the EP, it’s impossible to live without it, and this band takes us on a trip, without any fuss, without any bluff. – Moveorama

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