Walking the Borders Line

Piatcions announced complete schedule for their November Europe tour,
that follows the release of their debut album “Senseless>Sense”, out on Sept 5th for I Blame The Parents Records.

Psych/shoegaze trio from north Italy will be joined on stage for the tour by Robert Toher, singer from NYC band APSE (Acuarela, ATP), who is guest on the album as voice on “Red Van” (favourite by XFM John Kennedy!) and As Seens Through A Telescopes.
Robert will reharse with Piatcions one week before the tour starts in their native village of Domodossola, and you can expect him to play also second guitar and synths.
Nov 10 Domodossola (IT) – Guapos
Nov 11 Brescia (IT) – Lio
Nov 14 Brno (CZ) – Vegalite (w/ Professor Leopad, Voodooyoudo)
Nov 15 Břeclav (CZ) – Inferno club (w/ Professor Leopard)
Nov 16 Hamburg (D) – Landgamg
Nov 17 Copenaghen (DK) – Drone
Nov 19 London (UK) – The Windmill
Nov 20 London (UK) – The Drop
Nov 21 Cardiff (UK) – Buffalo Bar
Nov 23 Southampton (UK) – Pop Factory
Nov 24 Lille (F) – Cafè Rouge
Nov 25 Zagreb (Croatia) – Tvornika Kulture
Nov 26 Savignano Sul Rubicone (FC – IT) – Sidro

here’s a few press quotes about the album:
Packed with energy and effervescence, they combine the soundscaped inertia of spiritualized with the set-back and hushed vocal indifference of Brian Jonestown Massacre frontman Anton Newcombe. Beat (UK)
A luscious, dense sound, artfully constructed and beautifully arranged. 8 Subba Cultcha (UK)
Piatcions, they can’t conceal it, are a ‘proper’ rock band, with muscle and melody in place.Unpeeled
Sumptuous, seductive and serene ‘Senseless>Sense’ is in short the sound of stars swooning, here the honey dripped cortege of star crossed lovelorn celestial anthems are spiked and purring to an alluring cosmic choreography dimpled with pulse racing struts. Losing Today
 ‘Senseless > Sense’ is all about trippy vibes; rolling, hypnotic drum beats; psychedelic, fuzzed-up guitar freak-outs; Sixties styled harmonies and lashings of reverb that all blend into a huge swirling wall of noise. 8 Loudhorizon (UK)
Traveling between psych and shoegaze, the Piatcions solidify their sound on Senseless > Sense with drawn out excursions like the propulsive As Seen Through a Telescope and more psych-pop/rock oriented cuts like Sleepless and Singapore Mon Amour, calling to mind the spaces that exist between outfits like the Dandy Warhols and Singapore Sling. Mr. Atavist (US)
De l’écho, du fuzz, une voix perdue dans l’espace. Pas de doute, on est en plein shoegaze sous acide, branché à dix mille volts sur le courant psychédélique. My Car Is Full of Plums (FRA)