Angus Mc Og in London

(Italy, indie folk)

May 30th Windmill – w/ Lake Forest
May 31st The Monarch
June 1st Folklore at Gallery Cafè
June 2nd Acoustic Session Mulefreedom / NTS Radio

“It has quite a light and gentle rock style to it, very pleasant. The vocals are gentle and warm, very relaxing and inviting. They rest very subtly above the often acoustic sounds of the instrumental below to form a rich and vibrant harmony.” AAA Music

anguswebAngus Mc Og album’s title “Arnautis inspired by Arnaut Daniel, the French trobadour praised by Dante Alighieri and then recalled by T.S. Eliot.
Like modern troubadours, Angus Mc Og mix their style with influences by some of the artists they love the most: Nick Drake, Okkervil River, the Decemberists, Mumford & Sons, Wilco.

Behind the name Angus Mc Og lies the music affair of Antonio Tavoni, Daniele Rossi and Lucio Pedrazzi, from Modena, Italy.

The project starts in 2009 when Antonio swaps his electric guitar for an acoustic one and starts to write music inspired by alternative folk songwriting.
In September 2009 Antonio flies to
Australia, where he crosses paths with Lucio Pedrazzi, who used to play drums in several Sydney-based bands.

The result of this journey is “Anorak” – Angus Mc Og debut album – released in 2011.
The present line-up takes shape when Daniele Rossi (banjp and cello) joins the band.
During summer 2011 Angus Mc Og leave Modena for a tour on the north-eastern coast of the
United States, followed in March 2012 by an intense France tour.

In Spring 2012 Angus Mc Og release the 7″ “Town on a River / Wasted, an actual introduction to second album “Arnaut“, recorded in September and to released on February 15th, 2013.