With  the album “The Second Bardo” released on Cardinal Fuzz in March 2014, The Cult of Dom Keller definitely became the band to watch for all psych and space rock lovers .

The story began in the autumn of 2008 in Nottingham,  jamming in a church cellar and it was these jams that resulted in EP1, a collection of ideas that felt like a stream of unconsciousness, a bad trip that first drew the listeners in, just to subsequently bury them alive in otherworldly sounds.
People seemed to dig and the band began to network and support like minded bands such as The Warlocks, White Hills, The Black Angels and Spectrum. The band was invited to perform at the 4th Austin Psych Festival alongside Roky Erikson, The Black Angels and a plethora of other bands from across the world. EP2 soon followed where the sounds and atmospheres of EP1 were beginning to develop into songs and by EP3 the band were now touring Europe and playing across the UK from psyche festivals in London to the Liverpool Festival of Psychedelia.
The forth EP “Secret Sounds” was a limited 6 track of almost all live, one take jams that showed a band creating some of its most varied and atmospheric work to date.
The arrival of the debut self-titled album in July 2013 finally brought the music of The Cult of Dom Keller to a larger audience.

After a very busy 2014, with packed gigs all over Uk and Europe and big festivals like Milhoes de Fiesta in Portugal and Yellowstock in Belgium, TCODK are now concentrating on recordings for third album, to be released in 2015.
Until different notice, they’re still available for short weekends, one offs and special events / festivals.

“Cult of Dom Keller sound like they’ve fallen from the back of Ken Kesey’s legendary LSD loaded magic bus, down ‘n’ dirty slabs of fried freak beat are sumptuously decoded within a swamp infested heavy beatnik chassis, part acid laced shade wearing psyche and part heavy stoner goo, a wasted baby laced with hazy 60’s sourced keys and looping gridlocked riffs of mind expanding proportions; a blissed out frenzied fuzz laced tripping haze and bone rattling f**k you,a bludgeoned blues bastardisation spewed out by a tranced out Brian Jonestown Massacre amid an impenetrably squalling sonic wall feedback fisticuffs with a volatile 13th Floor Elevators” LOSINGTODAY.COM

“Dom Keller hail from Nottingham and are currently stumbling in a rather aggressive haze around the country. ‘We Left Our World’ is a trippy soup of Stooges/Black Sabbath meets Acid Mothers Temple with the singer from Suicide showing up to mumble something occasionally. Dom Keller’s mix of all out rock and psychedelic manipulations of overall sound are captivating. If Iggy Pop, Tony Iommi, Lou Reed and Kawabata Makoto went to the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party, Dom Keller would be the house band!” MOOSE FACTORY

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Jun 06 Eindhoven Psych Lab (NL)
Jul 25 Leeds (UK) – Karma Leeds Alldayer / Temple of Boom
Oct 17 Leicester (UK) – Thelectricool Fest