THROW DOWN BONES is the new project from Frankie Frankie (guitar / synth / drum machine) and Dave Cocks (bass / percussion), after their long adventure with Piatcions, a band that will be remembered with a cult status as one of the starters, in early ’10, of the new shoegaze / psych / drone scene, with their final 10” “Heaven’s Sins” released early 2013 on Fuzz Club Records.

Piatcions came to an unexpected but possibly unavoidable halt at the end of 2013..

THROW DOWN BONES is the answer to what seemed to be the senseless end of a long ride, a personal therapy, a rehab from life, an artistic space without structures where Dave and Frankie manage to let their music flow naturally.
The concept of this project is based on the idea of offering something true and at same time sacred and mysterious like a stream of consciousness can be, without all the thoughts that influence a composer or a band during the writing/arranging process. TDB wanted to avoid either to stuck themselves into the limit of a “scene” either to care about the coherency with previous works, locking out from their own studio any outside influence that could have conditioned the final result.
Putting their faith in the DIY attitude, TDB have built their own recording space, hidden in the Alps Mountains where they live – at border between Italy and Switzerland: Frankie has also focused in building his own instruments, pedals and effects (check Noise Militia).
Altough, they choose to collaborate again with London producer James Aparicio (Mogwai, Liars, Spiritualized), who’s acted as third member of the band, showing them how to experiment with the studio possibilities.
As from purpose, the result is not easy to be categorized. In Throw Down Bones tracks you can hear the freedom and wilderness of the place they come from (they call it “the mountain sound”), echoes of kraut, industrial and ambient, and the usual love of Dave and Frankie for tunes that evolve in mesmerising directions like a neverending trip, that’s the bone and pulsing core of psychedelia.

The 9 track self titled album will be released by Fuzz Club Records in Summer 2015, with festivals appearances and tour to follow.


Sept 25 / 26 Liverpool International Festival of Psychedelia