Kill Your Boyfriend“And SHINE it has, it has caressed then blown my ears off, with blissful immoderation.” Chromaticism
“…I can commend this to your library of must have music…”
Tim Whale – Indie Bands Blog

“The King Is Dead” is the second LP for Kill Your Boyfriend, following the self-titled debut released in 2013 and a recent and stunning 10″ split with New Candys.
The album, produced by Luca Giovanardi (Julie’s Haircut), was recorded and mixed in the space of one week, wanting to keep a fresh impact and a punkish attitude. The two sides of the vinyl are introduced by Death List n.1 and n.2, where Death is a metaphor for loss, and all kind of emotions, feelings of displacement , psychological disturbances and social alienation associated with it. It’s the music itself conveying this restless sense of unease, through a post punk attitude, tinged with wave and shoegaze, hitting straight at your nerves.
KYB are not the kind of band you can listen to absent-mindedly, for their visceral rhythms and unexpected deviations are going to ’cause noise attacks at your thoughts, your moods and your body too, dragging you into an hypnotic warp of primordial tribal dances.
After countless gigs around Europe, having being noticed by psych and indie blogs and played by Artrocker radio, KYB are planning to bring their angular and edgy trips to Uk shores in June.

Label: Shyrec
Management: VolumeUP Music Agency
Booking & EU / UK Promotion: A Giant Leap
Boooking ITA: Vertigo Concerti