Rhys Bloodjoy

rhysprofile“A solo psychedelic explosion…one to watch…lo-fi brilliance” Manchester Evening News
“A hypnotic live act and a unique sound….a raw, primal power…the essence of dance music…a captivating force, hypnotic and revelatory. You are swept away like a wooden shack in a tornado…” Colorhorizon (live review)

Rhys Bloodjoy has been wowing audiences on the underground since emerging on the Manchester live scene in late 2014.
Shrouded in mystery with his head hooded, Bloodjoy’s one-guitar-sound combines heartfelt vocals, semi-controlled feedback and echo-drenched acoustic guitar loops and beats; a sound which has been described as “Hypnotic…mellow and intense at the same time”, while his live performance has been dubbed as one that “quite easily blows most four and five piece epics bands off the stage.”

2015 saw him added to the bills of several key northern UK psychedelic festivals (including Manchester’s Cosmosis, Leeds Karma III and Astral Elevator’s ‘Rising’) and in addition to playing shows in Sheffield and London, he also ventured overseas for his first tour of the Netherlands, shortly before quietly releasing a 7″ single (‘Scandinavian Girlfriend / Broken Window’) which was enthusiastically mastered bySpacemen 3 legend, Sonic Boom, and eagerly pressed up by Manchester indie label, Sister 9 Recordings.
With several other record labels now expressing interest and a new management deal on the cards, Bloodjoy kicked off 2016 recording songs for his intended first 12″ release. The tracks were then mixed alongside renowned engineer, Tim G, at BigTone Studio in Manchester. 
Bloodjoy first show of the year saw him invited to play as main support to Singapore Sling and main appearances at the Coastival Festival in Scarborough, followed by a second appearance at Cosmosis in March (on a bill with the likes of the Jesus & Mary Chain and BJM) are all paving the way to his first european tour.
News of the forthcoming 12″ – to be released in May – will follow shortly!

Available: May 13th / 28th (also for supports) and on request


“This man, alone with his loop machine and guitar, shines bright with talent. It’s Joy in your Blood indeed, homeless Joy under warehouses’ ceilings and along silvery canals.” Ask The Sky Magazine
“One man, a guitar, a host of effects pedals. Rhys Bloodjoy loops, layers and builds his sound from the ground up to create an experience that gradually grows in intensity. Dark, and moody in a rather exquisite, hypnotic way. The singer-songwriter is a rare talent. Others have called him a lo-fi genius. Don’t be fooled by this. It’s a technically wonderful set that if I was to sum up in one word, it would have to be spellbinding.” Backseat Mafia
“Manchester’s Rhys Bloodjoy’s unique style fusion of the modern sing-songwriter and all-consuming psychedelia quite easily blows most 4 and five epics bands off the stage and has earnt him space on the bills of some of the best nights of live music the North of England has to offer” Burn Down The Disco
“One-man psychedelic loopsmith…stretching the mind’s limits from a minimalist starting point” Grey Lantern
“A tortured soul with a lot of talent…a modern day monk of some Holy Order of Melancholia…” Local Sound Focus (live review)