The Dirtiest

dirtiestlogoThe Dirtiest is a Florence-based garage punk band formed in 2015 by Billy Boy and Nacker and joined in 2016 by Sergio as second guitar. The three were already members of several garage bands like Los Dragos, The Nackers, The Apes Party and Mutzhi Mambo. There’s a lot going on here — blown out guitar string drag, gun drums, stomping hand-claps all funnelled into a wind tunnel, with a weird air horn blaring from above, vocals howling from below, all together with some surprising twists & turns & breaks.
In less than one year they were immediately noticed by the legendary garage punk label Slovenly (USA). The Dirtiest recorded their first 7″, published on Feb 2016 along with a video clip produced by the Tab_ularasa (Ultra twist, Transupper Egyt, Trio banana).
In January 2016 KAT records from Netherlands also released 4 new songs on Cassette.
This band has to be seen live, where they unfold all their primitive and uncompromising attitude and a real hunger and taste for rock’n’roll wild and positive force.

Always available for Italy
June 30th / July 03rd available for FR / CH
September 25th / Oct 07th on tour with Wooden Indian Burial Ground