Wooden Indian Burial Ground – How’s Your Favorite Dreamer?

WIBG - How's Your Favorite Dreamer?

ARTIST: Wooden Indian Burial Ground
TITLE: How’s Your Favorite Dreamer?
RELEASE DATE: February 17th, 2016
FORMAT: 12″ white vinyl, Digital
GENRE: Garage rock’n’roll, psych, experimental
PROMOTION: Digital / Alternative Press / Radio EU / UK
PERIOD: January / April 2016
Tracklisting: 01 Styrofoam Factory 5:24 / 02 Sad Mutations 3:24 / 03 The Pretty Good OK Days 1:19 / 04 Spazz Pony 3:44 / 05 Moist Dynasty 1:50 / 06 How’s your Favorite Dreamer? 6:05 / 07 The Discoverer 1:36 / 08 Burnout Beach 5:32 / 09 Zanesville Massacre 2:47 / 10 Black Eye Tie Dye 1:35 / 11 Dope Mann 6:15 / 12 Grizzly Peacock 1:30 / 13 Why am I? Who are You? 3:45 / 14 Sam’s Dream 2:03

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Dayz of Purple and Orange
Backseat Mafia
Distorsioni (IT)
Kalporz (IT)

Since 2012 WIBG has released one LP and two Ep’s. “How’s Your Favorite Dreamer”- released on February 17th on Exag Records –  is their second full lenght effort. They’ve played hundreds of shows including some killer national festivals like CMJ, Treefort, Nelsonville Music Fest, and PDX POP NOW. WIBG have had the honor to provide direct support for some modern greats like such as Ty Segall’s FUZZ, Built to Spill, Pierced Arrows, and many more. Their EU / UK tour in Feb / March, featuring appearance at Stellar Swamp Fest in Brussels, got them a real following of fans enthusiast about their unpredicatable experimental and wild rock’n’roll approach and down-to-heart attitude.
With invitation from Liverpool International Fest of Psychedelia, theywill hit Europe again in September / October.