A Giant Leap was born in London at the beginning of 2010. Before – since 2000 – I used to manage Suiteside , record label and booking agency based in Italy. On top of booking gigs for bands on the label I often organised tours in Italy for bands from abroad: The Telescopes, Patrick Wolf, Grails, Mono, Xiu Xiu, Casiotone for the Painfully Alone, Masha Qrella, Swearing at Motorists to name a few, more at the link above! The plan with A Giant Leap was to push in the UK  and Europe italian bands previously on the label, for some of them were getting better feedback abroad than in Italy (The Banshee’s album released on Suiteside late 00’s was Album of the Year for Tom Robinson on BB6!!) but very soon I was offered to book tours for Uk bands, so the scope actually enlarged. For a series of coincidences – mostly through managing Piatcions, now known as Throw Down Bones – I got involved with the rising nu-gaze scene, which shortly got labelled “psych” (unfortunately people need labels to decide if they dig something or not!). There were the first all dayers at The Shacklewell Arms with Bad Vibes, a legendary show at Corsica Studio with Piatcions, the never-too-missed Koolaid Electric Company and Anteloids, the epic first Reverb Conspiracy Tour featuring Singapore Sling, The Lucid Dream and Wall of Death. The idea for the first Liverpool International Fest of Psychedelia was born between me and promoters while I was attempting to book the first kind-of-difficult tour for Dead Skeletons. It was great days, we were all experimenting and nothing was obvious. So it was Dead Rabbits, The Underground Youth, The Telescopes, The Asteroid #4, Magic Castles and many more. But as A Giant Leap we also kept booking different acts, and I’m very proud of the two Big Sir tours (the project of Mars Volta’s Juan Alderete with Lisa Papineau). After two years of reduced bookings, due to having to deal with personal and family stuff as priority, the aim is to find and promote talents beyond “brands”  and “scenes”. Having been in the music scene from 1984 – the year I had my first radio show! – I have seen things come and go but the only thing which really matters is what I call “the punk attitude”. Doing your own thing regardless of expectations and business’ rules. Which is actually the only way to be creative, and start something new!