Catania (IT)
acid shoegaze, fuzz, space rock

Mar 20 Lamezia Terme (IT) – Vinyl
Mar 21 Crotone (IT) – Lecentocittà
Apr 04 Ragusa (IT) The Globe


CLUSTERSUN have established themselves as one of the most promising acts in the international panorama of fuzz & reverb purveyors.  Their cosmic and 3D signature sound delivers massive walls of fuzz, otherwordly reverberations and psychedelic trips.
The band just finished recording a new album, that sounds pretty kraut, acid and noisy. Mixing has been done in London by James Aparicio (Spiritualized, Mogwai, The Cult of Dom Keller), and release will be planned in 2020.The trio formed in 2013 and debuted with a selfproduced single, Be Vegetal, that was noticed by Dave Allison of US indie label Custom Made Music, and featured in the compilation CMM Summer Sampler.The first album’s lead single Hipgnosis was featured in REVOLUTION – The Shoegaze Revival, massive international compilation out in 2015 via Raphalite Records (UK/Canada) and Gerpfast Kolektif (Indonesia).CLUSTERSUN supported Out Of Your Ego extensively with a tour that also reached US, with gigs in New York, Boston, Philadelphia, and other cities of the East Coast.They also contributed to the compilations Rock Back For Nepal Vol. I (2015) and Rock Back: Stronger Than The Storm (2017), both issued by via Philadelphia based label Patetico Recordings, and to The Blog That Celebrates Itself’s tributes to Echo & The Bunnymen (Gods Will Be Gods, 2016) and Slowdive (Just For A Life, 2017).On 19th May 2017 CLUSTERSUN released the sophomore album Surfacing To Breathe, again via Seahorse Recordings, with singles Raw Nerve and Lonely Moon receiving up to 40k views on You Tube.

Their collective sound effortlessly swims within a heady mix of shoegaze, electronica & post-punk with a subtle undercurrent of alt-rock that bubbles and fizzes through layers of sublime production to create a wall of blissful noise with layers of soaring reverberation. Primal Music Blog (UK)
This is a driven, engulfing, menacing, in-your-face soundtrack for rebel rabble-rousers. A sign of the times. The Big Takeover Magazine (USA)
Clustersun sound exactly like their name: nebulous, celestial and otherworldly. God Is In The Tv (UK)
This album does rock. It just chooses to shake the universe with a backbeat of epic proportions. Soundblab (UK)
Surfacing To Breathe is a dark, heady trip into atmospheric rock, that will satiate the most jaded shoegazer. Floorshime Zipper Boots (USA)
Clustersun, from Italy, made me react like someone suddenly attracted by a colourful mirage of psychedelia. My eyes opened wide, my ears transformed into radar dishes while I was comfortably nailed to the sofa, trusting that the trip would be good, and it was! Last Day Deaf (GRE)