Liverpool (UK)
Garage punk / r’n’r

Early 2020 OHMNS had a blast on their first European tour and played Winterbeat Festival in DK.
They were ready to hit and smash the continent again in May, featuring a special appeareance at Psychedelic Humami Fest in CZ, alongside Gringo Star, The Third Sound and more good acts, when Covid-19 halted everyone’s plans.
In lockdown times, they released on Probe Records, cult label and shop from Liverpool, the ace new single “My Boy Was There”, with video curated by famous Liverpool artist Gregory Herbert (Arty Maynnne)

Loud, fierce and savage, OHMNS deliver a Garage Punk snarl that sounds truly ferocious! Live at times it’s mayhem. Chaotic scenes on stage. Tough driving beats, piercing guitars, dirty rumbling bass lines and all four band members sharing screaming vocal duties. It’s pure excitement! In 2015, four old school friends formed OHMNS. The band got to work playing gig after gig and quickly established themselves as favourites on the live circuit playing with bands such as The Black Lips, The Gories, No Age and The Parrots. Soon after they released the four track ‘Rice Tapes’ on their own label including live favourites such as ‘Paul is Sure’ and ‘Keshi Heads.’
Gigs soon followed with the likes of The Fall, Fucked Up, Omni and Mark Sultan.
The band then turned the head of Hartley from the legendary band Clinic, who released the self titled 7″ single in 2018 to widespread critical acclaim.

Back in the theatre-like main room, Ohmns offer something more akin to sonic chaos. Having picked up a reputation as one of Liverpool’s most raucous live acts, their heavy-as-lead punk rock is punctuated by mammoth jams, semi-naked freakouts and a couple of onstage revellers, who bounce around the unfazed four-piece. Ohmns live up to their reputation. Fat Whites better watch their backs. THE SKINNY MAGAZINE