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Minimalist psychedelic folk 

Dec 04 Lugagnano (VR) – Club Il Giardino


No Love Is Sorrow (2020) is the latest album by guitarist-singer-songwriter Buck Curran. Since 2005, Buck has recorded and performed as one half of the psych-folk duo Arborea. To date, Arborea has released five albums, including 2013’s ESP-Disk’ release Fortress of the Sun, and produced two various- artist compilations (Leaves of Life: a benefit for the World Food Program and We Are All One, In the Sun: a tribute to Robbie Basho). Buck has also produced a second tribute to Robbie Basho, Basket Full of Dragons (2016), Robbie Basho Live in Forli, Italy 1982 (2018), Ten Years Gone: A Tribute to Jack Rose (Tompkins Square 2019), along with his debut solo album Immortal Light (2016), and Morning Haikus, Afternoon Ragas (2018).

Buck’s music has developed through a decade of playing and touring extensively throughout the US, UK, and Europe with Arborea, and the experience of playing Blues and Folk throughout the 1990s. He also draws inspiration from the deep well of Folk and Rock of the 1960s  (John Martyn, Bert Jansch, Davey Graham, Pentangle, Peter Green, Tim Buckley, etc.)

The mournful, elegant tones that neo-folk artist Buck Curran draws from voice and guitar have a capacity to linger in the air long after the notes have faded. Recorded at the American guitarist’s home in northern Italy shortly before the area went into lockdown, ‘No Love Is Sorrow’ is a beautiful piece of work, interspersing space, atmospheric instrumentals with more complete songs like spooky western “Ghost On The Hill’, the ballad “Deep In The Lovin’ Arms of My Babe'” and the title track. Curran sings with the gravelly decorum of Mark Lanegan but the songs remain, bewitchingly, just over the next horizon.~ 8/10 Peter Watts/UNCUT Magazine
Tutto è tremendamente emozionale, anche l’approccio compositivo non parte mai dalla scrittura direttamente sulla chitarra, piuttosto da melodie e temi ~8 Gino Dal Soler/Blow Up Magazine
Buck Curran mette a punto un disco in cui spirito e materia suonano all’unisono, in cui corde e anima, esperienza e immaginazione sono in sintonia come raramente succede ~Luca Salmini/Buscadero Magazine
“No Love Is Sorrow” è una nuova potente immersione nel suono esperto dell’autore e chitarrista americano, un viaggio tra suadenti meditazioni strumentali, più definite melodie vocali e introverse progressioni elettriche, che lascia nuovamente fiorire la profonda dimensione spirituale del suo autore ~7 Vassilios Karagiannis/Ondarock
Curran’s first album under his own name invokes swarming natural forces, looking for the borderline between the real and the sublime and, maybe, the supernatural
Jesse Jarnow/Relix Magazine
Guitar tones linger and reverberate with a mystical translucence Dusted Mag
There’s a burning darkness to these songs, as Curran’s rough-hewn voice and droning psych-folk melodies curl like smoke, but there’s also a desperate hope that cracks the surface ~Lars Gotrich/NPR-Tiny Desk
Composer, musician, luthier, and curator Buck Curran is a many of many talents, as ‘No Love Is Sorrow’ testifies. A bewitching album that pulls the listener in many directions and exposes them to many emotions. Seek it out! ~ Folk Radio UK
The album, is filled with beauty, a minimalist psychedelic folk. Roughly half instrumental and half straight songwriter-folk, Curran’s guitar is a layered, many-faceted thing, shapeshifting with each track, digging its way into your ears, past your brain and right to your heart ~Aaron Stein/JamBase
Melancholy but also uplifting folk visions from Buck Curran for your Bandcamp Monday this week. You may know Curran from his work with Arborea, or the excellent tributes for Robbie Basho and Jack Rose that he’s put together in recent years. There are traces of both Basho and Rose in No Love Is Sorrow, of course, but Buck has his own thing happening, too, managing to expertly balance ominous vibes with heartfelt devotionals. Very strong stuff ~Tyler Wilcox/Aquarium Drunkard/DoomandGloomfromtheTomb
The album’s stunning title track is the perfect song to throw on and daydream to. An immaculately constructed, seven-minute acoustic soundscape, this is a piece of music that plays like a great novel, whisking you away to an environment far from your own, and never letting go ~Jackson Maxwell/Guitar World Magazine