Photo by Miriam Brenne


Oslo, Little Clouds / Only Lovers / Icy Cold Records
Psych-Noir, Post Punk

Photo by Miriam Brenne

Available EU / UK


Mayflower Madame is a psychedelic post-punk band from Oslo, Norway.
Their debut LP «Observed in a Dream» (2016) earned them excellent reviews and tours in both North America and Europe. Through eight tracks of psych-theatrical ingenuity, shady shoegaze and 1980s dark romanticism, the album conveyed the wintry feeling of their home country – icy and gloomy, haunting and majestic.
In conjunction with a 10-date U.S. tour in May 2018, Mayflower Madame released the EP «Premonition», a 4-track collection of apocalyptic love songs that also turned out to be a favorite among music bloggers. Since then the band has done mini-tours and festivals in France, Germany, UK and Eastern Europe in between recording sessions for their second LP. 
Over the past years, Mayflower Madame has shared the stage with bands like Killing Joke, Moon Duo, Night Beats, Psychic Ills, Froth, The Underground Youth, Crocodiles, Cosmonauts and La Femme, which further might give you an indication of their sonic landscape.
Their long-awaited second LP «Prepared For A Nightmare» sees the band delving even deeper into their own distinctive blend of psych-noir and post-punk while also including elements of shoegaze and noise-rock. It was released worldwide March 27th 2020 via their main label Only Lovers Records (France) in collaboration with Little Cloud Records (USA) and Icy Cold Records (France). 

«A magnificent debut that offers an irresistible musical essence of Nordic Noir.» Louder Than War
«Their sneering vocals and wickedly distorted guitar riffs are pure Jesus & Mary Chain, the ominous, echo-drenched atmospherics recall Sisters of Mercy, and the overall and very palpable sense of fear and dread harken back to Faith-era Robert Smith.» BlackBook
«Deeply atmospheric psychedelia.» Clash Magazine
«This is dark, brooding stuff positively drenched with swagger. The shoegaze tendencies provide tremendous depth to the songs, letting the jangle of the guitars still hit with a lot of impact.» Ghettoblaster Magazine
«’Lovesick’ is a feverish nod to Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, while the needling guitars and motorik rhythm of ‘Upside Down (the death loop)’ possess the spacey menace of early Verve.» Q Magazine
«The love child of post-punk and neo-psychedelia.» Classic Rock Magazine Germany
«Coming on like a wicked mix of Echo & The Bunnymen and the Gun Club, feeding their paranoid dreams with an unrepentant dose of edgy psychedelia, this Oslo-based band rather surprised everyone by presenting an album full of rich, sinuous texture like not too many manage or even dare to consider in this realm.» Stereo Embers Magazine
«Mayflower Madame’s sound has been compared to My Bloody Valentine, Spacemen 3 and The Jesus & Mary Chain. Which might seem a little obvious. But actually only tells part of the story. Throw in a few post-punk references too. We’re thinking Bauhaus, The Chameleons and The Sisters Of Mercy, and the melting pot of influences that makes up their sound is more or less complete.» Drowned in Sound
«Many have been called to mimic their heroes, but few really get it right. Mayflower Madame has nothing to worry about, they have it nailed!» The Big Takeover
«An album that shows a band that honours its influences very carefully, but also mixes them together in a way that feels both dark and uplifting as the same time; and this to me is the mark of excellence for an album of this ilk.» Backseat Mafia
«Mayflower Madame’s first long player, Observed In A Dream, exists in a narcotic netherworld where songs of a sinister beauty emerge from a psychedelic haze… an absolutely brilliant record.» Thee Psychedelicatessen
«A lot of bands take elements from the past, heat it up slowly and it sometimes works, but Mayflower Madame are a band that have got it brilliantly right… A truly delightful delight. Album of my year so far.» Pennyblack Music