Nothing to Expect is the new album by Stella Diana released on February 22nd, 2022 for Vipchoyo/A State of Flux Records

The Neapolitan band, an institution of the underground, releases the new album reaffirming and pushing even more on the coordinates that have made it one of the most respected math-shoegaze bands in Italy and abroad. 

Nothing to Expect cleverly combines new wave, dark post punk textures and spirals of shoegaze light highlighting, this time, a more brazen opening towards the melody.

Napoli / Milan (IT)
Shoegaze, New Wave, Math
Vipchoyo Sound Factory / A State Of Flux Records

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Across tracks such as Sleepless Girl, In Abeyance, Regulus, and the finale of the recording, Marianne, Stella Diana rises to the occasion of expectancy and set a creative new high, one of passion, one of indestructability, of required listening. Liverpool Sound and Vision (UK)

Stella Diana excel in creating a chilling sonic architecture to their songs: haunting, brooding and filled with vast spaces and high vaulted ceilings. Backseat Mafia (UK)

Dreamy, evasive guitar playing are leading the listeners into a dark, dreamy vision which is accompanied by the dark, sensual vocals. Side-Line