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Un sonico Giano Quadrifronte che guarda devotamente a Swans, Nick Cave, Velvet Underground e Dead Can Dance. RUMORE

Ostara’s Bless have provided a thoroughly enticing package: a gothic shoegaze industrial onslaught that thunders along with a deep intensity augmented by the visual depiction of an otherworldly, arctic world that is chilling and mesmerizing. A veritable work of art. BACKSEAT MAFIA (UK)

Ostara’s Bless is the new project of Paolo Messere (Blessed Child Opera), featuring on recordings the collaboration of the neapolitan artist Rita Saviano and of the drummer Matteo Anelli, and live the strong and charming presence of the dancer and performer Gianna Parisi.
Masculine/Feminine is a dense, rich work, a battle and a lovemaking between male’s angular contradictions and female’s exoteric creativeness. A breathtaking trip through post-punk, darkwave, electronic, mediterranean vibes and traditional indian raga samples.

Critical times can and must be crucial for transformation, shaping new identities out of facing crisis and the unexpected. This is the soil that nurtured Ostara’s Bless birthPaolo Messere, known for his mammoth work as Blessed Child Opera, with more than 10 years and 10 albums under this name, found himself stuck during the self-isolation months in his stunning Art Seahorse House, a white villa surrounded by a huge garden full of cactus, bougainvilleas and palm trees, with a recording studio at its core, and the sicilian sea a few steps away.
In the void of human contacts, the harsh, extreme, vivid mediterranean nature became the source of inspiration for a songwriting still dark and tortured, but also newly and firmly centered in a place at the crosspoint between Europe, Africa and the Middle East. The sunsets of the Stagnone near Marsala, the fascination of the salt pans and the absurd games of colors at the horizon brought in the consciousness and the spell of being in the most African place in Europe.
Masculine/Feminine is the first of two double albums, all due out in 2022, that collect and organise the sheer volume of new compositions that Paolo Messere started to fix in March 2020, following first some sketches from his previous life in Syracuse, but soon flowing with an endless thread of new ideas and sounds.

Double album out Jan 14th, 2022 on Seahorse Recordings

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