Chronics are a cult band and almost a legend in the garage rock world.

In 1999 they released their debut single on US Rip Off Records.
Their debut 7 inches consists of two songs, “Go on” and “First time, best time”. Maximum Rocknroll labelled it “power pop with fangs” and the single entered several Maximum Rocknroll playlists.

Between 2002 and 2004 Chronics put out two albums on Belgian label Demolition Derby.

In 2003 they played at Flippaut festival in Bologna, along with the White Stripes and the Queens of the Stone Age.
They continued playing until 2009, then they split up until their return in 2014. 

In 2014 and 2015 Chronics put out a series of split 7 inches with Mike Watt, former Minutemen and Stooges bass player, and with Barrence Whitfield & the Savages.

The first Mike Watt/Chronics split single was released on Asian Man Records featuring 2 covers by The Last and The Urinals. Then Easy Action Records released a Chronics/Barrence Whitfield & the Savages split featuring Captain Beefheart’s “Zig Zag Wanderer” and The 13th Floor Elevators’ “I’ve Got Levitation”.
Finally Mike Watt & the Secondmen and Chronics covered each other’s songs for a new split on Org Music.

Aside from mainstay Stefano Toma (singer-songwriter, guitarist), the group had numerous line-up changes. After many years as a trio, currently, the band consists of Stefano Toma, Marco Turci (drummer), Michele Rizzoli (bass player), Giuliano Guerrini (guitarist, backing vocals). 

Do You Love the Sun?” is Chronics’ new full lenght,  on California  Puke’n’Vomit Records.
It’s Buddy Holly, Pretty Things, Real Kids and Ramones, all rolled into a ball of powerful garage music. A Must have Power Pop LP.
The album was released in June 22 on vinyl only, with the digital release on December 02nd, 2022.

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  • It’s too late, LP, Nitro, Belgium 2002
  • Suggested for Mature Audiences, LP/cd, Nitro, Belgium, 2004
  • Do You Love The Sun?, LP, Puke’n’vomit records, USA, 2022


  • First Time, Best Time / Go On ‎(7″, S/Sided), Rip Off Records, USA, 1999                
  • Chronics / Mike Watt & The Secondmen – From Ciro’s To Starwood ‎(7″, Split Single), Asian Man Records, USA, 2014                     
  • Chronics / Barrence Whitfield And The Savages – Zig Zag Wanderer / I’ve Got Levitation ‎(7″, Split Single), Easy Action records, UK, 2015                             
  • Chronics / Mike Watt & The Secondmen – Back In The Microwave ‎(7″, Split Single), ORG Music, USA, 2015                         


Artist: Chronics
Hometown: Bologna, Italy
Genres: Garage R’n’R, Punk, Surf
Title: Do You Love the Sun?
Release Date Digital: Dec. 02nd, 2022
Label: Puke’n’Vomit (USA)
Artwork by Alex Vargiu
Mixed by Giuliano Guerrini
Mastered by Pietro Benini

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Vive Le Rock (UK) – album première
Rumore Mag (IT) – album première
Underdog (DE)
Sélection Sorties (FR)
The Alternative Frequencies / Radio Leyland (UK)
Luminous Dash (BE)

 L’Italia non è un Paese per chi suona r’n’r ai margini di scene e conventicole varie. A 23 anni dall’esordio e 18 dal secondo album, esce il nuovo vinile a 33 giri ancora una volta per un’etichetta californiana. Alla guida sempre il cantante e chitarrista Stefano Toma. Un songwriter affine a John Felice, Chris Bailey, Paul Westerberg. Un piccolo grande songwriter che ha saputo modulare la grazia di Alex Chilton e l’irruenza di Johnny Thunders anche in questi dieci pezzi che hanno il sapore dei classici stropicciati.Rumore Mag

In “Do You Love The Sun?” la band di Stefano Toma gira come sempre a meraviglia, declinando dieci brani autografi vivaci e accattivanti che nulla hanno da invidiare, tanto nella scrittura quanto nello sviluppo, a quelli di tante più celebrate formazioni estere.Blow UP

Se c’è un nome che torna in mente all’ascolto di questi dieci brani è quello dei Real Kids di John Felice. Proprio come la formazione di Boston anche i Chronics sono bravissimi nel saper miscelare alla perfezione grinta chitarristica e melodia per distillare canzoni che ti accendono la giornata e ti si appiccicano addosso al primo ascoltoFreak Out