After 3 Eps defining the contours of their aesthetic at the crossroads of influences between dream pop, slowcore and post-rock, Pam Risourié release their first album Days of Distortion on March 17, 2023.
The album is already brodcasted on several national radios (FIP, OUI.FM, Radio France…) and international (DKFM Shoegaze Radio, Flyflew Radio, Your First Listen, The Grinding Halt…)
The LP was recorded in Normandy by the band You Said Strange, mixed and produced by Lucas Ramos at OneTwoPassIt Studio (Guts, Frustration) and mastered by Simon Scott, the drummer of the iconic shoegaze band Slowdive.

Taking the form of an underground dive, like a dream breaking apart and echoing along walls of guitars, Days of Distortion deepens the universe of Pam Risourié ; it invites us to explore a mental landscape, through the prism of an introspective trip where feelings of absence, derealization and impersonality are put into perspective, in a sensitive and claire-obscure night.

Stellar FrequenciesShore DiveIcy Cold
Genres: shoegaze, dream pop, postrock




‘Pam Risourié has gained a reputation for their captivating performances. This band knows how to create an immersive soundscape that will take you on a journey.  Hanging On Sunset

‘Pam Risourié is bringing something special to the genre. While it’s not unprecedented, it’s somewhat rare : the power of a pop hook.’ The Big Takeover

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