Maria & The Mirrors

London electro experimental tribal noise trio Maria & The Mirrors  release  new single “Gemini Enjoy My Life” late April on Exotic Pylon, a 4 minutes orgy which can be the perfect soundtrack for illegal gatherings.

2011 saw Maria & the Mirrors release their EP ‘Travel Sex’ on Parlour Records to favourable hysterics from NME, Wire & the Quietus, tour Europe, play at Ray Davies’ Meltdown Festival, open the Postmodernism exhibition at London’s V&A Museum & get nominated for Best Electro Act 2011 in the inaugural Artrocker Awards.
Their eclectic sound has been influenced by acts such as Throbbing Gristle, DAF & Elephant Man & likened to contemporaries such as Gang Gang Dance, Factory Floor & OOIOO.

What you can expect:
# Relentless double drum kit set up
# Shards of piercing taped found sounds hanging off a diwali riddim
# All acoustic sounds electronically treated!
# Strikingly transportative fem vox
# Luridly glamourous and memorable look – tropical refinement meets Slovakian sex worker
# Harsh Industrial textures harnessed to an whirlwind mix of danceable styles – always banging.

Throbbing electronica that rattles the brain. 7/10 NME
Sounding like a half-broken ghost train hurtling towards its trapped  prey, the end result is a band who’ve used every last fibre in their bodies to make something as whole-heartedly different as  possible to everything else around.. Artrocker

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