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Nov 19 Ainay-le-Chateau (FR) – Bistrot Culture
Nov 21 Roma (IT) – Amore & Psyche / 30 Formiche
Nov 24 Lyon (FR) – Le Farmer
Nov 25 Paris (FR) – L’International

Jun 23 Sestri Levante (GE, IT) – Circolo Matteotti Santa Vittoria
Jun 24 Domobianca (IT) – Mountain Sound Festival
(w/ Throw Down Bones, The KVB, Giobia)
Oct 27 Rouen (FR) – Le 3 Pieces / Braincrushing
Oct 29 Paris (FR) – L’International
Oct 30 Ainay-le-Chateau (FR) – Bistrot Culture
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Dec 01 Kumanovo (MK) – Caffe’ Bar Agora’
Dec 02 Sofia (BG) – Club Mixtape 5

Oct 06 Munich (DE) – Import/Export
Oct 07 Milano (IT) – Arci Bellezza
Oct 12 Porto (PT) – Maus Habitos
Oct 13 Aveiro (PT) – GrETUA
Oct 14 Braga (PT) – RUM by Mavy

Sept 16 Loc. Sezzadio (AL, IT) – Cascina Bellaria
Oct 06 Werne (DE) – Floz-K
Oct 08 Paris (FR) – L’International
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Aug 10 S. Piero in Bagno (IT) – Orso Bianco

Jun 30 Valencia (E) – Radio City
Jul 01 Montblanc (E) – Musicall
Jul 02 Barcelona (E) – Black Lab
Jul 04 Santander (E) – Rock Beer the New
Jul 05 Ainay-le-Chateau (FR) – Bistrot Culture
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Jul 07 Oberhausen (DE) – Static Roots Festival
Jul 09 S. Zenone degli Ezzelini (TV, IT) – Villa Albrizzi Marini
Jul 10 Montecarotto (AN, IT) – Off61
Jul 12 Sezzadio (AL, IT) – Cascina Bellaria
Jul 14 San Sebastian (E) – Altxerri
Jul 15 Gijon (E) – Subterránea Tizón

Jul 30 Roma (IT) – Half Die Festival

Aug 03 Cardiff (UK) – The Moon
Aug 04 Cardigan (UK) – Dr Sardonicus Psych Festival / The Cellar Cardigan
Aug 05 Swansea (UK) – Hangar 18

Jun 10 Colle Val d’Elsa (SI, IT) – 1001 by Sonar


Oslo, Norway
Nordic Records
Experimental Art Pop

Official Website // Facebook 
You Tube // Spotify

Unfold is the fifth solo album from the experimental pop artist Synne Sanden.
The album is composed by Sanden and produced by the well known producer Lars Horntveth, who has produced for Susanne Sundfør, Fieh, Aha and Kimbra, and is also a member and bandleader of Jaga Jazzist.
Synne Sanden writes about the things we find difficult and vulnerable to talk about, what we are ashamed of, about personal growth and healing.
Gaffa writes «she has succeeded in finding her own voice, both musically as well as lyrically».
Synne Sanden combines the catchy and the beautiful, with the quirky, expressive and raw and creates songs and soundscapes where you can hear her unique signature.

The album Unfold is about taking back your body and sexuality, after boundaries have been crossed.
She writes about creating a new safety, where it ́s been unsafe, and how the good and important sexuality gives nearness, vitality, presence and a sense of belonging, and how these painful sexual experiences can make you feel weak and small.

On the album you can hear vocals, beats, moon drums, rhodes, accordion, drums, synths, harp, strings, bass clarinet, vibrafone and pedal steel.
Some songs are co-produced by Synne Sanden, Kim Reenskaug and Peter Estdahl.
The co-producers are playing on the album, together with Synne ́s permanent band consisting of: Julie Kleive, Henrik Schmidt, Lars Fremmerlid and Jørgen Apeness. Ellen Bødtker is guesting on harp on two songs and Lise Sørensen is playing strings on several songs.

Synne Sanden conveys her emotions and strength, from her deepest layer, and you can hear her doing this in a very large degree on Unfold.

Like Neon


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Sonic Jesus is an Italian band born in Doganella di Ninfa, and is currently Tiziano Veronese’s musical project.
Since their debut, they have been acclaimed internationally, thanks to the release of their first EP, “Sonic Jesus,” on Fuzz Club Records.
In 2012, they shared a split titled “Split Single N°5” with The Black Angels. In 2015, they released a limited edition 7″ vinyl containing a remix by Sonic Boom aka Pete Kember of the legendary Spacemen 3 and Spectrum.
Also in 2015, they released a double album titled “Neither Virtue Nor Anger” on Fuzz Club Records, which became the manifesto that crowned the band among the most acclaimed Italian and European psychedelic realities.
In 2017, they released “Grace,” another album produced by Fuzz Club Records. It marked a reduction in the neo-psychedelic frequencies of their earlier work in favor of a newfound pop-wave sensitivity.
Their latest work by Tiziano Veronese dates back to 2018: “Memories” a self-produced album of old demos found.
Over the years, the band has performed live throughout Europe, sharing the stage with artists such as The Jesus & Mary Chain, Damo Suzuki (CAN), A Place To Bury Stranger, Wire, and Dead Skeletons.
2023 is the year of “Anxieties”, a single that anticipates the release of the new album that will be presented in London in October, with a long European tour in countries like England, France, Germany, Switzerland, Holland and Belgium.

Rome (IT)
Darkwave / Neopsychedelic

Official Website



Guitar effects rise and swirl…shifting from sparse post-punk to wyrd folk in the stomp of a pedal.
Robin Murray , Clash Magazine

Darkly mysterious and resonating Gothic splendour.
David Savage , Shindig Magazine


Artist: NesimaPark
Title: Debonair
Format: album digital, cd
Release date: May 03rd, 2023
Genres: americana, alternative rock, minimal blues
PR territories: worldwide

Facebook / Spotify / Instagram / YouTube

NesimaPark is the name of the project by the songwriter and artist Carmelo Spadaro, who is releasing on May 03rd his new full-length “Debonair”.
Debonair features 8 songs, 3 already released as singles and 5 brand new, and sums up years of experiments from the musician from Catania – who’s also a sound engineer – working on his distinctive sound.
Even if folk and blues are the main influences, the album draws also from alternative rock, with fuzz guitars, distorted bass and the use of ambient sounds.
Spadaro’s voice is often filtered through distortions, or effects created by delay slapbacks associated with long reverbs.

The lyrics sometimes are inspired by other people’s stories, like in “Red River Blues”, and sometimes by personal life, like in “Cold Sky”, a song about the self-consciousness reached through experience and ageing.
In “Over the Hill” the lyrics are instead inspired by words from John Martyn, who’s one of the main influences for NesimaPark, together with King Krule, Grant Lee Buffalo, All Them Witches, and surely Jeff Buckley.
More than paying a simple homage, NesimaPark revitalises the spirit of a sound that can be at the same time loud and introverted, abrasive and intimate, using inspirations as clay to forge a personal sonic viewpoint about his own life and world.

Carmelo Spadaro, in arte NesimaPark, presenta il suo nuovo album “Debonair”, in uscita il 03 Maggio 2023.
L’album si sviluppa lungo 8 brani, di cui 3 singoli già pubblicati e 5 inediti, ed è il riassunto del lavoro e delle sperimentazioni musicali dell’artista siciliano, con sonorità che variano dal folk/blues all’alternative rock, con l’utilizzo di chitarre fuzz, basso distorto e suoni ambientali.
La voce, ora pulita ora graffiata, è caratterizzata da distorsioni, effetti ed ambienti creati da delay slapback associati a lunghi riverberi.
I testi sono a volte storie di altre persone, come in “Red River Blues”, a volte sono invece ispirati dal vissuto personale, come “Cold sky” che racconta della consapevolezza raggiunta attraverso l’esperienza; altre volte ancora sono suggeriti, come in “Over the Hill”, dalle parole di altri, in questo caso John Martyn.
Quest’ultimo, insieme ad altri artisti come King Krule, Grant Lee Buffalo, All Them Witches, senza dimenticare Jeff Buckley, sono di grande ispirazione per NesimaPark, che cerca di farli convivere e rivivere nella sua personale forma di espressione artistica.

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