Release date: November 02nd, 2020
Label: Grey Dome
Hometown: Larissa, Greece
Genre: post-punk / coldwave

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Modem The Band are a post-punk coldwave project from Larissa, Greece, with minimal, schizoid, tuneful attitude.
They released on September 07th their first single “Equal”, to worlwide appreciation, followed by the minimal coldwave of the lockdown inspired “Incarceration”.
The album “Chapter I: Inspiration” is released on November 02nd, 2020, Vinyl 12″/Digital, through Grey Dome Records.
Modem The Band was created in 2018 in Larissa, Greece. It was the idea of Constantine which soon became a reality, consisting of a labyrinth of synth, dark and post punk sounds. Constantine (aka Zakk Minimal), a long time music producer, had the need to experiment both musically and expressively.
The initial line up of the band was Constantine, She (Vocals), Johny Teo (Guitars) and Theodore (bass) but after a year of live performances, musical quests and drastic changes the lineup shifted and so did the sonic direction of the band. Constantine and Theodore added Polydefkis in vocals for new album recordings, plus guest vocalists at times.
Modem The Band aim to share their musical aesthetics, always create fresh, modernized music breaking new grounds of sounds and at the same time creating new genres. “Chapter I: Inspiration”, our debut album is based on the music we loved and became a part of it, a blend of modular sounds and analog instrumentation