Before A Giant Leap started in 2010 there was Suiteside, indie label in the ’00 DIY way.
Suiteside was active mostly in Italy, from 2000 to 2010, releasing indie rock gems aimed to the european market.
One of the releases, The Banshee first album “Your Nice Habits”, was even Album of the Year in 2009 for Tom Robinson on BBC6.
Even if there was a proper distribution (it made sense back then!), I used to take care of promotion and bookings for all the bands.
You can check the website to see how all the releases got good coverage on italian national magazines, websites and radios.
When moving to London in 2010 I started to promote on the Uk media a bunch of bands from Italy.
You can see highlights in the gallery on the right.
Having by now worked Europe wide for 6 years, I can offer promotional services, for reasonable deals:

– Digital EU / Uk (blogs, website, webradio)
– UK: Digital, Alternative press and radio
– Italy: Digital, Alternative and National Press, Alternative and National Radio, Local Media for tour promotion

Discounts can be discussed for more than one package.
As for bookings, the choice is to work on bands and releases I personally like.

Please get in touch for promotional agreements at least 2 months in advance before an album release.
I also strongly advice a promotional campaign for bands wanting to tour.
Having reviews, features and radio airplay a few months before the tour means getting better fees, better gigs and better crowds, so it’s a very fair compensation for a small investment.

Feel free to get in touch to get a free proposal, just mail to monica.m(at)