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Artist: Synne Sanden
Title: Unfold (album)
Release date: February 17th, 2023
Label: Nordic Records
Hometown: Oslo, Norway
Genre: experimental pop
PR territories: worldwide except German speaking countries and Scandinavia

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Unfold is the fifth solo album from the experimental pop artist Synne Sanden.
The album is composed by Sanden and produced by the well known producer Lars Horntveth, who has produced for Susanne Sundfør, Fieh, Aha and Kimbra, and is also a member and bandleader of Jaga Jazzist.
Synne Sanden writes about the things we find difficult and vulnerable to talk about, what we are ashamed of, about personal growth and healing.
Gaffa writes «she has succeeded in finding her own voice, both musically as well as lyrically».
Synne Sanden combines the catchy and the beautiful, with the quirky, expressive and raw and creates songs and soundscapes where you can hear her unique signature.

The album Unfold is about taking back your body and sexuality, after boundaries have been crossed.
She writes about creating a new safety, where it ́s been unsafe, and how the good and important sexuality gives nearness, vitality, presence and a sense of belonging, and how these painful sexual experiences can make you feel weak and small.

On the album you can hear vocals, beats, moon drums, rhodes, accordion, drums, synths, harp, strings, bass clarinet, vibrafone and pedal steel.
Some songs are co-produced by Synne Sanden, Kim Reenskaug and Peter Estdahl.
The co-producers are playing on the album, together with Synne ́s permanent band consisting of: Julie Kleive, Henrik Schmidt, Lars Fremmerlid and Jørgen Apeness. Ellen Bødtker is guesting on harp on two songs and Lise Sørensen is playing strings on several songs.

Synne Sanden conveys her emotions and strength, from her deepest layer, and you can hear her doing this in a very large degree on Unfold.

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PR: Madness at Home – Wet Room

Artist: Madness at Home
Format: single, video
Release date: Feb. 03rd, 2023
Label: Overdub Recordings
Genres: post-punk, noise
PR territories: worldwide except Italy

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Madness at Home is trio born in Rome in the summer of 2019. Under the spell of artists like Kyuss, Nirvana and Melvins, they wanted to bring back that obsolete sound from the late 80’s and early 90’s.
Their sound is dirt, distorted, untrendy, the lyrics are focused on sudden feelings and repressed thoughts, flowing as a stream of consciousness without any logical meaning.
They released a first eponymous EP at the beginning of 2020 for Seahorse Recording, but were then forced to a long period of stand by due to the pandemic.
At the same time, their sound started to incorporate into the post-hardcore and alternative 90’s influences some more modern listening (Metz, Young Widows, Daughters, Unwound, Fudge Tunnel, Gilla Band), being still dirty, obsessive and distorted.
Madness at Home

At the beginning of 2022 they recorded their first full lenght album Shoelace, released by Overdub Recordings on October 14th, 2022.
Shoelace was recorded and mixed in Rome by Grop Records and Gianmarco Lauri, produced by the band itself.

The 10 tracks album is a description of endless waiting, recurring dreams, indolence and a morbid escapism where hidden desires turn into real.

Line up
Pietro Zaccari – Voice and Guitar
Andrea “D.B.” De Cave – Bass
Giulio Calamarà – Drums

Clocking at a sharp 2’02”, Wet Room is the new single (and video) taken from Madness At Home’s debut album Shoelace, released in October ’22 by Overdub Recordings.

Syncopated drumming, obsessive basslines and dissonant guitar chords push immediately into the abrasive moods of the track. It’s a flood of inputs both from the brain and the external world which paralyse mind and body, while machine-gun guitars open up a grotesque post-punk new world.
Wet Room stings like an Idles song played by Nirvana.
Also for fans of Metz, Young Widows, Daughters, Unwound, Fudge Tunnel and Gilla Band.

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OCTOPUSS are an Italian power trio of mind-blowing impact, with international relevance. The group’s musical style, influenced by bands such as The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Red Hot Chili Peppers and The Beatles, consists of rock with an emphasis on funk. The band, characterized since its debut by an energetic and steamy-hot performance on stage and its over the top live acts, is composed by Reepo (guitar and vocal), Garrincha (bass – founder of the Italian multiplatinum band “Le Vibrazioni”, and member of the Italian “Superband”) and Nick Turri, replacing the former drummer Luca Capasso.

Octopuss have a large experience in live performance: they are one of the few European independent bands which can count about a thousand of shows held in 3 continents, Europe, North America and Asia. They have performed at any array of venues and festivals all over Italy, plus tours in U.S. (playing at famous East Coast and West Coast music venues), U.K., Europe, and recently 10 outstanding tours in China.

The band has also opened for big international acts as Deep Purple and Scorpions and has received various awards and recognitions (among them, winner of the Jack Daniel’s Challenge for Rock TV as “Best Italian Rock Band” was invited to perform at the “Global Music Event” at Lynchburg, Tennessee, to represent the Italian rock scene in the U.S.).

Octopuss have achieved a world class production and top studio recording as well. Thank to the contacts collected with the hot performances held in California during their previous U.S. tours (which included shows at famous venues as The Viper Room and The Cat Club, in Hollywood), Octopuss have moved to Los Angeles and have been invited to legendary Shangri-La Studios, in Malibu, by Beej Chaney (singer/guitarist from “The Suburbs”, who was both impressed and fascinated with the Italian band’s unique and “so tight!” sound) for the recording sessions of their highly anticipated new album “A Nut For A Jar of Tuna”. Shangri-La Studios definitely represent a milestone of Rock music’s history: converted to a recording studio to precise specifications of Bob Dylan and “The Band” in the 1970s, location of Martin Scorsese’s documentary “The Last Waltz”, this studio has a peerless list of artists recorded such as Eric Clapton, Keith Richards, Black Sabbath, Santana, ZZ Top, Metallica, U2, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Muse, Eminem, Ed Sheeran.

The album, produced and mixed with multiplatinum British producer Gary Miller (David Bowie, Simply Red, Slash & Fergie, Lionel Richie, Donna Summer, …), with the collaboration of Beej Chaney and Eric Lynn (sound engineer – among the others, on Ed Sheeran’s, Metallica’s, Eminem’s, Neil Young’s albums, …) has been released in Europe on May 2022.