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PR : Peter Piek – Blood

PETER PIEK – “BLOOD” (single)
Release date: June 11th, 2021
Label: Backseat
File under: acustic, lo-fi, folk, pop

PR Territories: worldwide except G/A/S

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German painter, singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Peter Piek releases on June 11th 2021 a new single titled “Blood”, from his new acoustic album “Walking Zschopau”, due out late July on Hamburg based Backseat Records.
Blood is a song written from the perspective of water, recorded somewhen in 2020 in Peter’s painting studio, with mix, mastering and additional sound design by Andreas Laudwein at FLOEROPA.
The video is a bare and intense live performance of the song, just Peter facing the camera playing his acoustic guitar.

Since his first release back in 2006, Peter Piek became used to spend most of his life on tours. He played concerts with Art Brut, The Robocop Kraus, Public Service Broadcasting, Naked Lunch, Tex, Kat Frankie, Ian Fisher, Lasse Matthiessen, Appaloosa, John Elliot and many more, not forgetting his exhibitions as a celebrated painter.

As a journalist wrote: “Peter is a real craftsman, capable of dealing so naturally with music, painting and writing. He catches eyes and ears with the deafening abstract bursts of his canvases and a colourful music sung with vocal grace. His songs are effervescent anthems of love.”

2020’s pandemic forcibly restricted his physical horizons to his native Leipzig but did not stop his naive, creative approach to everyday’s life. Peter’s imagination moved from the wide to the deep and close, building a kind of relationship with Zschopau, a river in the German state of Saxony, the only place where he was allowed to walk because of restrictions.
As the same time, his sounds turned from light-hearted, electronic lo-fi into intimate, acoustic, folk tunes, almost reproducing the sound and harmony of nature.

I used to wander to one particular spot nearby a castle, a rock and a fairytale. It was quite a walk. I only managed to go to that one spot closest to my parents’ apartment. Often it left me wondering about the source and the river as a whole. Recording this album felt like walking the river from source to mouth. I walked, recording ten songs live in my atelier in between paintings. No audience. Just a room full of paintings to resonate with. 5 new and 5 previously released songs. The new songs form the first half of the album. Home is a song written from the perspective of a flower. Binoculars is a song about borders, freedom and beaches. Blood is a song written from the perspective of water. Human is a song I wrote in the first half of 2020. The melody really helped me to deal with the pandemic. Silence is a song about a leaf falling from a tree.

Seahorse 2020 Survival Kit

2020 might have been the toughest year ever, nevertheless Seahorse Recordings it’s proud to have, in spite of everything, released more than a bunch of great albums, for new, upcoming and more established artists. Music has been the life belt for all of us through pandemic, so to finally celebrate the end of 2020, we asked all of them to contribute with a previously unreleased song to this compilation. Some choose to cover songs they love (ELLE trio rendition of Fleetwood Mac “Landslide”, Miky Marrocco / Kokura covering Bill Callahan / Smog), some preferred live recordings, others decided to record totally new tracks. This is our “thank you” to everyone who supported the artists and the label, and an invitation to discover more if you like what you hear.
Il 2020 è stato un anno durissimo, per tutti e per la musica. Nonostante tutto, e a dispetto di tutto, Seahorse Recordings è orgogliosa di aver pubblicato più di una manciata di album di valore, per artisti nuovi, in ascesa, e in alcuni casi già più affermati. La musica è stata una sorta di salvagente per tutti noi durante la pandemia, per questo, per celebrare finalmente la fine del 2020, abbiamo chiesto a band e musicisti Seahorse di contribuire con una traccia inedita a questa compilation. Alcuni hanno scelto di proporre cover di brani che amano (gli Elle che rifanno “Landslide” dei Fleetwood Mac, Kokura che reintepreta Smog), altri hanno preferito live recordings, altri ancora hanno registrato per l’occasione nuovi brani. Questo è il nostro “Grazie” (di cuore) a tutti coloro che hanno sostenuto in questi lunghi mesi gli artisti e la label, e un invito a scoprire di più sui nomi qui presenti.

Blessed Child Opera
Secret Sight
ELLE trio
Richard’s Orchestra
Il Mulo
Gianluca Pacini
L’enciclopedia dei limiti
Baobab Romeo
Madness At Home
Sebastian Straw
All The Seasons Of The Day (Tommaso Varisco)


Catania (IT) – Seahorse Recordings
alt.folk, punk


Feb 28 Palermo (IT) – Punk Funk
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May 22 Ragusa (IT) The Globe

Beauty and sadness are twin sisters, and there’s plenty of both in LoMB’s debut album “Cuts”, out now on Seahorse Recordings.
Based in the creative hub of Catania and born in 1971, Giuseppe Lombardo can write songs that sound – and actually are – honest and intense, a merciless attempt to heal wounds that life gives us, often invisible but deeper than tattoos. His kindred souls are Tom Waits, Sir King Ink “Let Love In” era, Morphine, but also the burning alt.folk of Willard Grant Conspiracy and Steve Wynn’s “days of wine and roses”.
“Cuts” put LoMB under the focus of international alt.folk scene, with plenty of nice reviews and airplay from UK, the States and Europe. The single “Princess”, released on April 12th 2019, was premiered on greek popular website Last Day Deaf.
Europe and Uk tour is now in the making for Autumn 2019.
On stage Lomb line up is a trio, featuring long-time friend Walter Caraci on double-bass and Santo Trombetta at electric guitar and keyboards.
LomB is the very last adventure for Lombardo, who’s been on the edgy and avantgarde scenes since early ’90s, when he toured Hungary with his first post punk-new wave band, called Nerves’ Korut, whose song “Taste of money” was produced by Fugazi’s Don Zientara. His next project, called Plank, released in 1998 an album produced by Agostino Tilotta from Uzeda, and with the later bands Baffos and Ute Puta he shared stages with Sonic Youth, Wire, Old Time Relijun, Melt Banana and No Means No. His latest group Zuma released the album “Less Is More” in 2013 on Viceversa Records, produced by dark folk italian songwriter Cesare Basile.
To be creative is actually a visceral need for Giuseppe Lombardo, who’s a graphic designer and photographer in “everyday life”, and LoMB is for sure his most intimate and challenging adventure up-to-date, deserving a proper place in those holy desert lands where freaks and beautiful losers drink at the moon.

Yes, the unholy trinity of Cave, Cohen and Waits have obviously left their sonic fingerprints on the music, but it is more to do with the aitude and delivery than any direct steal. The same blend of beauty and melancholy, of grit and grace, of integrity and intensity runs through the songs, the same dark, soul searching reflections are being pursued here. Dancing About Architecture (UK)
A pioneer striking out to stake a claim to live by new rules. Some may seek to avoid the eccentricities, but stop by and listen, there is an interesting story here. AmericanaUK
This is an expertly crafted record, that pushes boundaries, displays plenty of chops and is instantly engaging. A definite must have. Floorshime Zipper Boots (USA)
Princess is a powerful lovesong about loss, about the end of the mutual dreams, hopes or even fears, an end of an era. It’s about the end of romance. But above all, this is a pure intense masterpiece. A rare soul testimony. And we are more than proud to exclusively premiere this gem. Vital! Last Day Deaf (GR)
Giuseppe Lombardo n’est pas seulement un artiste influencé par ses idoles mais qu’il sait nous emmener vers une entité originale et singulière. Une entité proche de celle d’un Sparklehorse mélancolique (‘Princess’) ou d’un Tom Waits folk (‘What Does It Matter’). Emission Electrophone (FR)
Il mood malato può ricordare un pò il primo Nick Cave, ma soprattutto il Midwest americano” 7 Blow Up (IT)
Gli arrangiamenti sono ben fatti, ricchi di effetti e distorsioni, e la voce roca e calda ha il suo perché. Oltre le mode musicali del momento. Rockit.it