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Artist: Noise Under Dreaming
Title: Lone
Release date: digital April 07th, 2022, cd digipack June 13th 2022.
Label: Seahorse Recordings
File under: Indie, Americana, with 60’s vibes

PR Territories: Worldwide

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Noise Under Dreaming is a project born in 2006 from two musicians based in Milan, Italy.

They got spotted soon by Foolica Publishing, that in 2008 released with Foolica Electro label their first album Tarokidei.
The release created a word of mouth that gave the band the chance to play live in Italy and abroad and of working more and more frequently on soundtracks.
In 2010 Red Birds / Seahorse Recordings released the acoustic EP Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear, that features acoustic versions of some Tarokidei tracks, an idea born during an acoustic show in Barcelona.
In September 2011 a short movie with Noise Under Dreaming’s original soundtrack, G: The Other Me by Michele Coggiola, was screened at the 68° Venice Film Festival.

In 2012 Red Birds / Seahorse Recordings released their second LP In Mine, which got very positive reviews.

Meanwhile they were still composing soundtracks, also working with the Oscar Prize winner Gabriele Salvatores for
Siberian Education in 2013.

On April 7th, 2022 Noise Under Dreaming release digital their third LP Lone. again with Seahorse Recordings.

Previously the duo used to write songs while being based in different places and interacting through technology, but this time the plan was to compose and record together. Pandemic gave a slight detour to the schedule, and some of the original tracks became more destructured in the process. 

The crowd’s noise – and the solitude amongst the crowd – which was the trading mark of their previous releases, somewhat stopped, because there was no more crowd, but only solitude. 

In this new quietness, without background noise, the instruments – guitars, bass, synth, percussion – are finally clean and clear, shaping the songs.

Noise Under Dreaming è un progetto nato da due ragazzi di Milano nel 2006. A breve vengono notati da Foolica Publishing, che pubblica nel 2008 con Foolica Electro il primo lavoro, “Tarokidei”. L’uscita dà seguito a un passaparola che permette alla band di esibirsi in Italia e all’estero e di lavorare, con crescente frequenza, su diverse sonorizzazioni.
Nel 2010 esce per Red Birds / Seahorse Recordings l’EP acustico “Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear”, che contiene una rivisitazione in chiave acustica dei brani di Tarokidei, idea nata durante un concerto acustico a Barcellona. A Settembre 2011 un cortometraggio con la colonna sonora originale dei Noise Under Dreaming, “G: The Other Me” di Michele Coggiola, viene selezionato per la 68° Mostra del Cinema di Venezia.

Il 2012 è l’anno dell’uscita del secondo LP, “In Mine”, sempre per Red Birds / Seahorse Recordings, che ottiene un ottimo riscontro di critica.

Nel frattempo continuano i lavori di sonorizzazione, fra cui la collaborazione con Gabriele Salvatores per la colonna sonora di “Educazione Siberiana” nel 2013.

Nel 2022 i Noise Under Dreaming pubblicano il loro terzo LP “Lone” per Seahorse Recordings.

Released digitally on April 07th, 2022 and with cd digiapck following in June, by Seahorse Recordings, Lone is  the third album for Noise Under Dreaming, and is now finally available on cd dgipack, with colours highlighting the summery blue mood of these nine songs.
The duo from Milan anticipated the album with the single Nothing to Say, a guitar driven song, where chords build up an emotional loop, until the final chorus reaches the climax 
It’s a song about young adults, seeing the disintegration of the values they grew up with, while facing new truths hard to cope with. 


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Frozen Farmer
Things to Share
Format: album
Label: Piesse Groove Records
Release date: May 10th, 2021
Hometown: Varese, Italy
Genre: alt-folk, americana, Paisley underground

Official Web // Facebook // Bandcamp // You Tube // Spotify

PR territories: worldwide except Italy
Target: magazines, digital, radio
Period: May / July 2021

Things to Share is the third album for Frozen Farmer, released on May 10th, 2021 by Piesse Groove Records.
Frozen Farmer are active since 2009, when they formed the band out of a visceral love for the american folk tradition, grown during a long trip of Francesco – singer and banjo player – across the States. The first EP, releases at the end of 2011 by Ghost Records / Warner Chapell, didn’t stay unnoticed, and led to several shows and tours. The first full lenght, Stay, released in 2014 by Seahorse Recordings, moved to a more personal sound, with a psychedelic side reminiscent of the Paisley Underground and of Days of Wine and Roses. The single Angels Melody also gained a spot in the Top 100 radio airplays according to Indie Music Like.
Things to Shares comes after years of live experiences, changes in members personal lives, and reveals a definitely contemporary sound, which doesn’t disown the attachment to the folk, rural tradition. As a fil rouge, Frozen Farmer collaborated again with Tim Sparks, american guitarist who has been following the project from the very start. Sparks, who is special guest in two songs of the new album, is known for his works with Tzadik and for his collaboration with John Zorn, Bill Frisell, Marc Ribot and Greg Cohen. Things to Share was recorded at New Art Recording Studio in Saronno, then mixed in Verbania by Pierpaolo D’Emilio at GrooveIt Studio.
The Shore, the first single and video taken from the album, is a serene, positive song, with jingle-jangle guitars and a melodic tune, defining a sound that mixes elements from The Byrds, Green on Red, early REM and Wilco, a must for fans of ’90s indie rock, but also for whoever appreciates a well-written and carefully arranged song.

Line up
Francesco Scalise :: vocals, banjo
Mattia Rizzato :: wurlitzer, hammond, synt, vocals
Sebastiano Rizzato :: guitar
Valter Violini :: bass, vocals
Giordano Rizzato :: drums


The Ferocious Few
My Love
Out March 19th, 2021
Format: single, digital
ISRC QZDA52131860
Record label: Granny Records

Official Website // Facebook // Instagram // YouTube // Spotify

The Ferocious Few is a moniker for vagabond songster Francisco Fernandez and a shifting array of soulful cronies who for years have used anarchic guerrilla tactics to take over corners of streets, fairs, party boats, penthouse parties, festivals, US and European tours with sold-out shows, opening sets for Oh Sees at SXSW and for Ty Segall, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Bob Log III, The Jesus & Mary Chain plus many others, not forgetting the 20 dates of Cyndi Lauper’s Memphis Blues Tour.
The Few has alternately been compared to Motorhead (there’s a great picture of Fernandez posing beside his idol Lemmy next to a poker arcade) and a speedy alpha-male Dylan.
The Ferocious Few sets are polished by years of daily performance into a strong and consistent assault of cow-punk. Some people, the ones who most easily respond to this narrative, may call Fernandez a prophet, others merely a jumping fool, but I see him as a troubadour of unlikely relevance and a fine storyteller.
The Ferocious Few are more than good, they’re idiosyncratic in their approach and therefore have no competition”  Aleksey Calvin – Piece Mag

A living legend and a landmark in their native San Francisco, where Fernandez started the band back in 2005, The Ferocious Few are not going to be stopped from testifying their faith in the true, liberating spirit of R’n’R. “Juices“, their album released on cult label Birdman, was defined: “a visceral and viscous testament to their stunningly heartfelt brutality.” (BMI).

A man who cannot stand still, Fernandez moved to Europe in early 2020. Pandemic took him away from stages but didn’t stop his inspiration. Autumn 2021 will see the release of a brand new album for The Ferocious Few, showing a wild, eclectic attitude that shakes and mixes blues, folk, rockabilly, r&b, soul, country and grunge too, but never lacks the band’s distinctive both raw and cool songwriting mark.

My Love” is a tasty appetizer, which will be followed in late Spring 2021 by an exceptional document, a live album, dense with energy and passion, recorded at GAMH in Frisco.
For one full year now we’ve all been missing live music, the thriving, unique, satisfying experience of a great performance.
The Ferocious Few are Ceremony’s masters. It won’t be long before we’ll find them at a corner of a street, party, festival, and they’ll make us feel – again! – alive. 

Breezy, summery, infectious, passionate, “My Love” sounds like a classic banger from r’n’r golden-era, set for these new modern times. The man behind it is American legend Francisco Fernandez, best known as The Ferocious Few.
Relocated to Luxembourg right at the unpredictable eve of the pandemic spread, Francisco choose this song, dear to him, to be his passport for the European audiences.
“My Love” is a song that’s been performed live as a favourite over many years, evolving from an angry song to a song about positive desires. The lyrics, about the longing to be with friends and family again, make even more sense now, in an age in which many of us have experienced forced separation from mates, relatives, lovers.
This is the case for Francisco  who’s been in Europe the whole time of the pandemic, watching his home country in turmoil. The track was recorded with producer Tom Gatti in Luxembourg.
As Fernandez says: “We made this song in hopes to give people something to look forward to


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