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Artist: NesimaPark
Title: Debonair
Format: album digital, cd
Release date: May 03rd, 2023
Genres: americana, alternative rock, minimal blues
PR territories: worldwide

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NesimaPark is the name of the project by the songwriter and artist Carmelo Spadaro, who is releasing on May 03rd his new full-length “Debonair”.
Debonair features 8 songs, 3 already released as singles and 5 brand new, and sums up years of experiments from the musician from Catania – who’s also a sound engineer – working on his distinctive sound.
Even if folk and blues are the main influences, the album draws also from alternative rock, with fuzz guitars, distorted bass and the use of ambient sounds.
Spadaro’s voice is often filtered through distortions, or effects created by delay slapbacks associated with long reverbs.

The lyrics sometimes are inspired by other people’s stories, like in “Red River Blues”, and sometimes by personal life, like in “Cold Sky”, a song about the self-consciousness reached through experience and ageing.
In “Over the Hill” the lyrics are instead inspired by words from John Martyn, who’s one of the main influences for NesimaPark, together with King Krule, Grant Lee Buffalo, All Them Witches, and surely Jeff Buckley.
More than paying a simple homage, NesimaPark revitalises the spirit of a sound that can be at the same time loud and introverted, abrasive and intimate, using inspirations as clay to forge a personal sonic viewpoint about his own life and world.

Carmelo Spadaro, in arte NesimaPark, presenta il suo nuovo album “Debonair”, in uscita il 03 Maggio 2023.
L’album si sviluppa lungo 8 brani, di cui 3 singoli già pubblicati e 5 inediti, ed è il riassunto del lavoro e delle sperimentazioni musicali dell’artista siciliano, con sonorità che variano dal folk/blues all’alternative rock, con l’utilizzo di chitarre fuzz, basso distorto e suoni ambientali.
La voce, ora pulita ora graffiata, è caratterizzata da distorsioni, effetti ed ambienti creati da delay slapback associati a lunghi riverberi.
I testi sono a volte storie di altre persone, come in “Red River Blues”, a volte sono invece ispirati dal vissuto personale, come “Cold sky” che racconta della consapevolezza raggiunta attraverso l’esperienza; altre volte ancora sono suggeriti, come in “Over the Hill”, dalle parole di altri, in questo caso John Martyn.
Quest’ultimo, insieme ad altri artisti come King Krule, Grant Lee Buffalo, All Them Witches, senza dimenticare Jeff Buckley, sono di grande ispirazione per NesimaPark, che cerca di farli convivere e rivivere nella sua personale forma di espressione artistica.

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Artist: Gae Vinci
Title: Lonely Ballads
Format: album digital, cd
Release date: May 26th, 2023
Label: Bloodonthetracks
Genres: dream pop / shoegaze / folk
PR territories: worldwide except Italy

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Gae Vinci is a Sicilian-born music producer, now based in Milan.
Vinci started releasing music in the mid-2000s, using various nicknames, mostly in the field of electronic sounds. Extremely creative, the artist consistently refuses to be filed under a particular music genre, with his influences ranging from electronic to shoegaze and folk.

Lonely Ballads finally sees Gae Vinci in the spotlight of his real identity, with all his experiences converging into a songwriting that reflects his real self. All the songs on the album were written and produced by Vinci himself, with the contribution of other musicians and singers who joined him in his studio. At the end of 2022, Gae Vinci started the independent label BLOODONTHETRACKS, as a platform to release the music he produced and sounds he believes in.

Lonely Ballads, Gae Vinci debut album, was written and recorded in Milan and is composed of 10 tracks, with a running time of roughly 55 minutes.
The world seems to spin faster and faster, in particular after the events that have occurred in the past few years and the burden of the COVID pandemic.
While confident people, obsessed with material wealth, seem to have found the right balance to timeless happiness, Gae Vinci, with his music, tries to follow the opposite direction by describing another side of society.
In his music you can feel romanticism (by now rare), the melancholy of a past that perhaps never existed, the awareness that nothing lasts forever and an atmosphere characterized by loneliness and mystery.
Gae Vinci’s music is strongly influenced by Dream Pop, Shoegaze and Folk.
The sounds of these genres, represented in a modern key, are clear in Lonely Ballads.
Almost all the tracks are sung by the American singer Cosette Gobat, who collaborated with Gae for most of the recording time.
Lonely Ballads is the first and the title track of the album, a clear introduction to the world of the producer. It is a melancholic ballad in a loner and paranormal universe that, with the following tracks, gets brighter and brighter. It feels like the sun on a spring afternoon, a warm wind that wraps you.
Who Are You Now? and Camelie have the same structure, two tracks travelling to a landscape away from the ordinary world.
Gae Vinci’s love for Folk music is crystal clear in My Favorite Color and Angel. Both songs are built around the sound of acoustic guitar, but the first one is a classic romantic ballad while the second one brings deeper shades.
Summer Is Too Long switches to a six minutes train ride into a 90’s shoegaze atmosphere, followed by the interlude Vision of Doom, kind of a tribute to Robin Guthrie.
All The Times then comes in to obfuscate your senses, the same feeling of when you have drunk too many drinks, followed by You’ve Come A Long Way Baby, a 10 minutes sonic trip with sounds exploding, making you wonder if you forgot to turn off your amps. Ashes is the last track of the album, and as a perfect circle it connects with the first track, going back to the same mood and sounds, so that the end is the beginning and vice versa.

Lonely Ballads is my first album, I gave it everything I’ve got, and the result is very intimate. Honestly, I feel anxious about the release of the album but I’m also excited and grateful to each person that has helped me to realise this project. Alone, this couldn’t be possible.Gae Vinci

Camelie synths and stylish vocals are vintage in a similar way to Stereolab and Galaxie 500, it’s the sleep of a rainy day turning in circles as the loop created by the pad, the drums and the bass, with the telecaster chords delivering a desertic imaginary.
The delicate female voice of the American singer Cosette Gobat is pure lo-fi pop, reminiscing over “shattered dreams”: 
“Who knows if, among the thousand words You have understood that the liar it’s me.”
Released on March 24th, 2023, Summer Is Too Long is Gae Vinci’s love declaration to shoegaze songwriting: a short acoustic guitar intro, then the sound explodes into a 6 minute trip, driven by a furious drumming engine fuelled by reverberated guitars.


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Artist: Blacktop Overdrive Experience
Title: Out of the Show
Format: album digital
Release date: March 17th, 2023
Label: self released
Genres: stoner, classic rock
PR territories: Italy

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In uscita il 17 Marzo 2023, Out of the Show è il nuovo album dei Blacktop Overdrive Experience, giovane ed energico trio dalla provincia di Catania attivo dal 2014, ed e’ il loro secondo lavoro dopo l’esordio omonimo del 2017.

Due i singoli già estratti dall’album, Take Control e Fly, entrambi accompagnati da videoclip che esaltano l’attitudine irruente ma anche auto-ironica della band.

Out of the Show, rispetto al primo lavoro, si smarca dal classic rock, andando a cercare soluzioni ritmiche e armoniche affini a un sound più contemporaneo, vicino al grunge e a sonorita’ grezze, un’immediatezza ottenuta grazie anche alla scelta, in accordo col fonico Carlo Longo, di registrare la batteria, il basso e la chitarra ritmica suonati assieme in presa diretta.

L’album si apre con l’intro blues di chitarra e voce di Feeling Free, che prelude ad uno shuffle aggressivo con un un ritornello in pieno stile Hard Rock, ma i 10 brani che compongono la tracklist spaziano da episodi minimali come You’re Never Gonna Be the Same (unica ballad acustica dell’album) a una versione personale del classico di Neil Young Hurricane, per giungere alla chiusura in chiave decisamente stoner di Blame.

Registrato, Mixato e Masterizzato al NuevArte Studio di Carlo Longo – Misterbianco (CT).
Artwork e foto di Marco Garofalo – Laboratorio Creativo – Giardini Naxos (ME)

I Blacktop Overdrive Experience nascono in provincia di Catania nel 2014, come progetto di tre amici uniti dalla passione per il rock anni ’70 e il blues: Peppe Papa al basso, Antonio Valentino batteria e cori, e Gianfranco Torrisi chitarra e voceLa scelta dell’inglese per i testi avviene in modo assolutamente naturale, essendo Gianfranco nato e vissuto per diversi anni in Australia.
Fin dalla sua nascita il trio si dedica a scrivere brani che si ispirano al rock degli anni ’70-’80 e al blues, ma anche a generi più “moderni” come il Grunge e lo Stoner degli anni 90.
Il primo album omonimo viene pubblicato a Ottobre del 2017, e porta il trio a esibirsi al Rocketta Summer Live presso il Monastero dei Benedettini di Catania, aprendo il concerto a due band internazionali, Photo Taxis e Random Recipe, e a seguire in diverse date ed eventi siciliani, fra cui la partecipazione nel Settembre 2018 alla trasmissione “AllaKatalla di Giuseppe Castiglia, con un’esibizione live in diretta su Rei TV.
A fine 2019 il trio inizia a lavorare al nuovo album Out of the Show, che pero’, a causa delle prolungate chiusure dovute al Covid, viene ultimato solo a Marzo 2022.

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