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Glasgow, Post Rock / Dream pop / Shoegaze
Rock Action Records

March 20th / April 04th
All UK/EU dates as official support for Jesus & Mary Chain.

Available for Festival and Special Events

Jun 06 Wakefield (UK) – Long Division Fest


Combining elements of dream pop, R&B, shoegaze and post rockRev Magnetic revolves around the core of long-time Mogwai collaborator, musician and author Luke Sutherland, ‘Versus Universe’ is the debut album for Rev Magnetic, released in May ’19 on Rock Action.
The album revolves around the memories of a now middle-aged woman whose parents – both ex-pat astronauts who disappeared mid-mission in the early days of the Congolese Space Program – had more time for one another and their careers than they did for their daughter. A tremendously sensitive and empathetic child, she responded to the lack of love in her life by turning to prescription drugs, music and nature. 
While touring the world as guest multi-instrumentalist with Mogwai, Luke (Long Fin Killie, Bows, Music A.M. Jomi Massage) used the downtime to sketch a bunch of songs.
Once he got home, he wrote a handful more and recorded them with the help of a few friends at his cottage on the edge of the Scottish Highlands. Keen to translate the radiant chaos of the recordings into a live setting, Rev Magnetic was born. Featuring Audrey Bizouerne (Gift Horse) bass, vocals, guitar, keyboards) who Luke met in Paris while he was playing with Jomi Massage, Sam Leighton (drums) and Gregor Emond (guitar), who played with Luke in Hynd way back before the birth of the internet, the album is released under license from the band’s own Imminent Joy Records

PR: Les Flâneurs

Indie, folk, electronic, trip hop

Le Flâneur is a dynamic figure: he can sit in a bistro observing the world that flows in front of him, but he is also a tireless walker, covering great distances, travelling random routes. A condition that allows him to observe everything that happens around him, without haste. A kind of involuntary hero, who fights against the approval of costumes and reaffirms his personality.

The project: Les Flâneurs is an idea of producer Alessandro Marchetti, who’s also a member of the indie band Il Disordine delle Cose. They released 3 albums (Quite Please, Warner Chapell). The full-lenght “La Giostra” was recorded in Iceland with the sound engineer of Sigur Ros and “In the Right Place” in Scotland in the studio of Mogwai and Belle and Sebastian.

Over those years Alessandro recorded some songs with a different soul, now collected under the name Les Flâneurs, involving collaborations with several artists he met in these years.  The sound ranges between indie, electronic and folk, with a significant use of synths, drum machines and orchestral sections. 
He liked the idea of working with different singers, especially girls.
It’s a sort of collective project, with Alessandro working as “director” as well as producer, in which everyone has brought their talents helping to improve the songs.
The songs feature artists from different countries: from Italian Carlot-ta, to Swedish Hanna Turi, to Brazilian Priscila Ribas. There is also a featuring (clearly unauthorized) by Edith Piaf. 
Les Flâneurs is also a work in progress, with several singles going to be released in the following months, each coming with a video, allowing the full album to be revealed along a road that will hopefully open to more collaborations.

The first single “Dark Souls”, released on all digital stores on December 10th, 2019 and featuring trippy warm vocals by Alice Greco, got praises and coverage worldwide, from the likes of influential websites as Jammerzine (US), The Joy of Violent Movement (US), This Is Chill (US), The Blackout Radio Show (US), The Breakfast King (FR), Book of Lies (UK), Music Traks (IT).
“I was looking for a warm voice for a song with the sound of Bristol in the late 90‘s – says Alessandro – and I thought of Alice, seen live in a club with her tribute to Adele, with whom she played all over Europe. I also knew that she worked a lot abroad as a singer so it seemed like the best choice. That’s how it was! Feeling with Alice was more genuine, her personality is disruptive, but she followed my advises no matter her experience.