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PR: Madness at Home – Wet Room

Artist: Madness at Home
Format: single, video
Release date: Feb. 03rd, 2023
Label: Overdub Recordings
Genres: post-punk, noise
PR territories: worldwide except Italy

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Madness at Home is trio born in Rome in the summer of 2019. Under the spell of artists like Kyuss, Nirvana and Melvins, they wanted to bring back that obsolete sound from the late 80’s and early 90’s.
Their sound is dirt, distorted, untrendy, the lyrics are focused on sudden feelings and repressed thoughts, flowing as a stream of consciousness without any logical meaning.
They released a first eponymous EP at the beginning of 2020 for Seahorse Recording, but were then forced to a long period of stand by due to the pandemic.
At the same time, their sound started to incorporate into the post-hardcore and alternative 90’s influences some more modern listening (Metz, Young Widows, Daughters, Unwound, Fudge Tunnel, Gilla Band), being still dirty, obsessive and distorted.
Madness at Home

At the beginning of 2022 they recorded their first full lenght album Shoelace, released by Overdub Recordings on October 14th, 2022.
Shoelace was recorded and mixed in Rome by Grop Records and Gianmarco Lauri, produced by the band itself.

The 10 tracks album is a description of endless waiting, recurring dreams, indolence and a morbid escapism where hidden desires turn into real.

Line up
Pietro Zaccari – Voice and Guitar
Andrea “D.B.” De Cave – Bass
Giulio Calamarà – Drums

Clocking at a sharp 2’02”, Wet Room is the new single (and video) taken from Madness At Home’s debut album Shoelace, released in October ’22 by Overdub Recordings.

Syncopated drumming, obsessive basslines and dissonant guitar chords push immediately into the abrasive moods of the track. It’s a flood of inputs both from the brain and the external world which paralyse mind and body, while machine-gun guitars open up a grotesque post-punk new world.
Wet Room stings like an Idles song played by Nirvana.
Also for fans of Metz, Young Widows, Daughters, Unwound, Fudge Tunnel and Gilla Band.

Human Pleasure Radio (NZ)
End of the Week Show – Sheppey FM (UK)


Artist: Wow Sailor
Title: Happy Fear
Format: album
Release date: Oct 14th, 2022
Label: Dugnad Records
File under: electronica, modern classical, ambient

PR Territories: Worldwide

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Wow Sailor is the name of the solo-project of musician, composer and producer Kim Uglum Reenskaug from Oslo, Norway.
Wow Sailor upcoming album Happy Fear is composed, recorded and mixed by Reenskaug who weaves together a auditive fabric of field recordings, samples and synths and creates an atmospheric, emotional and meditative landscape.
Trumpet extraordinaire Arve Henriksen and vocalist Synne Sanden makes significant contributions to the album. Their participation amplifies the landscapes and makes them emotionally engaging to experience. Stig Reenskaug, the brother of the artist, contribute with a floating and dynamic violin and warm and earthy guitars.
The album is about the contrasting emotions joy and fear, how they both thrive in us and in cunning ways are intertwined and live side by side.
Happy Fear takes us there, into the uncomfortable fear and the light joy that makes the darkness disappear, grounding us. The album is a journey through the internal world, through our universal feelings working together and against each other.
The music, and the poem that the titles make out, allows you to lay down and disappear in to another world where feelings and their imagery can come to the surface, where everything can be allowed to be abstract, yet near.

In addition to his solo-project Reenskaug is the drummer of Norwegian indie-rock band Oh Yeah Tiger. He collaborates closely with experimental pop singer Synne Sanden, and is co-producing her upcoming, fifth album Unfold.
Reenskaug is currently working with two stage performances. Taking Root premiered at the Open Out festival in Tromsø and was part of Meteor International Theater festival in Bergen. Corentin JPM Levens’ performance Birds Of Ill Omen premieres in Oslo’s Black Box Theater March 2022.

Wow Sailor plans to tour internationally with Happy Fear in 2023.

Before We Can Be Together was the first released track from the upcoming album Happy Fear by Wow Sailor, out on Dugnad Rec on October 14th, 2022.
This composition is an atmospheric conversation in which a living and textured environment comes into being. The track is about the search for emotional clarity and connection to the world.
A hybrid instrumental exploration in which electronic and acoustic instruments blends with a field recording from a chance encounter while travelling.
The song features guitars and violin by Stig Reenskaug and vocals by Synne Sanden.
The music video is made by Norwegian video artist Benjamin Torvik, who assembled a collage of analog footage from Oslo. The tactile approach blends well with the music and brings out a poetic nostalgia and melancholy from mundane situations.


Ballade (NO) – video première
Il Manifesto (IT)
A découvrir absolument (FR)
On sent que le grand Nord, de sa grisaille intériorisée sans concessions et ses cieux portant jusqu’aux confins de l’horizon, infuse de sa paisible mélancolie un « Happy Fear » ni joyeux ni effrayant, que l’on devine libérateur pour Wow Sailor, aventureux matelot en quête d’émotions. Puisse sa boussole érudite le mener, lui et ses compagnons de fortune, jusqu’à destination, là où le sommeil est inutile, puisque l’on y rêve les yeux grand ouverts.
Sélection Sorties (FR)
Tinnitist (CAN)
Independent Clauses (US)
Switch ON (IT)
Area Rock (IT)
Area Rock #2 (IT)
The Letter (UK)

Sounds Good (IT)
Mondo Raro (IT)
El Santo del Rock (MEX)
Wrinkly Rockers Club (UK)


Chronics are a cult band and almost a legend in the garage rock world.

In 1999 they released their debut single on US Rip Off Records.
Their debut 7 inches consists of two songs, “Go on” and “First time, best time”. Maximum Rocknroll labelled it “power pop with fangs” and the single entered several Maximum Rocknroll playlists.

Between 2002 and 2004 Chronics put out two albums on Belgian label Demolition Derby.

In 2003 they played at Flippaut festival in Bologna, along with the White Stripes and the Queens of the Stone Age.
They continued playing until 2009, then they split up until their return in 2014. 

In 2014 and 2015 Chronics put out a series of split 7 inches with Mike Watt, former Minutemen and Stooges bass player, and with Barrence Whitfield & the Savages.

The first Mike Watt/Chronics split single was released on Asian Man Records featuring 2 covers by The Last and The Urinals. Then Easy Action Records released a Chronics/Barrence Whitfield & the Savages split featuring Captain Beefheart’s “Zig Zag Wanderer” and The 13th Floor Elevators’ “I’ve Got Levitation”.
Finally Mike Watt & the Secondmen and Chronics covered each other’s songs for a new split on Org Music.

Aside from mainstay Stefano Toma (singer-songwriter, guitarist), the group had numerous line-up changes. After many years as a trio, currently, the band consists of Stefano Toma, Marco Turci (drummer), Michele Rizzoli (bass player), Giuliano Guerrini (guitarist, backing vocals). 

Do You Love the Sun?” is Chronics’ new full lenght,  on California  Puke’n’Vomit Records.
It’s Buddy Holly, Pretty Things, Real Kids and Ramones, all rolled into a ball of powerful garage music. A Must have Power Pop LP.
The album was released in June 22 on vinyl only, with the digital release on December 02nd, 2022.

The Chronics | Discography | Discogs


  • It’s too late, LP, Nitro, Belgium 2002
  • Suggested for Mature Audiences, LP/cd, Nitro, Belgium, 2004
  • Do You Love The Sun?, LP, Puke’n’vomit records, USA, 2022


  • First Time, Best Time / Go On ‎(7″, S/Sided), Rip Off Records, USA, 1999                
  • Chronics / Mike Watt & The Secondmen – From Ciro’s To Starwood ‎(7″, Split Single), Asian Man Records, USA, 2014                     
  • Chronics / Barrence Whitfield And The Savages – Zig Zag Wanderer / I’ve Got Levitation ‎(7″, Split Single), Easy Action records, UK, 2015                             
  • Chronics / Mike Watt & The Secondmen – Back In The Microwave ‎(7″, Split Single), ORG Music, USA, 2015                         


Artist: Chronics
Hometown: Bologna, Italy
Genres: Garage R’n’R, Punk, Surf
Title: Do You Love the Sun?
Release Date Digital: Dec. 02nd, 2022
Label: Puke’n’Vomit (USA)
Artwork by Alex Vargiu
Mixed by Giuliano Guerrini
Mastered by Pietro Benini

Facebook //  YouTube // Bandcamp


Vive Le Rock (UK) – album première
Rumore Mag (IT) – album première
Underdog (DE)
Sélection Sorties (FR)
The Alternative Frequencies / Radio Leyland (UK)
Luminous Dash (BE)

 L’Italia non è un Paese per chi suona r’n’r ai margini di scene e conventicole varie. A 23 anni dall’esordio e 18 dal secondo album, esce il nuovo vinile a 33 giri ancora una volta per un’etichetta californiana. Alla guida sempre il cantante e chitarrista Stefano Toma. Un songwriter affine a John Felice, Chris Bailey, Paul Westerberg. Un piccolo grande songwriter che ha saputo modulare la grazia di Alex Chilton e l’irruenza di Johnny Thunders anche in questi dieci pezzi che hanno il sapore dei classici stropicciati.Rumore Mag

In “Do You Love The Sun?” la band di Stefano Toma gira come sempre a meraviglia, declinando dieci brani autografi vivaci e accattivanti che nulla hanno da invidiare, tanto nella scrittura quanto nello sviluppo, a quelli di tante più celebrate formazioni estere.Blow UP

Se c’è un nome che torna in mente all’ascolto di questi dieci brani è quello dei Real Kids di John Felice. Proprio come la formazione di Boston anche i Chronics sono bravissimi nel saper miscelare alla perfezione grinta chitarristica e melodia per distillare canzoni che ti accendono la giornata e ti si appiccicano addosso al primo ascoltoFreak Out