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Release date: March 25th, 2022
Label: Seahorse Recordings
Distribution: Audioglobe / The Orchard
File under: shoegaze, indie

PR Territories: EU/UK/IT

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Electric dreaming, sky-gazing, alternative-radio friendly, rolling celestial (new) waves, Sofsky’s eponymous debut is available on digital platforms from March 25th, 2022, published by Seahorse Recordings (cd, digital) and distributed by Audioglobe / The Orchard.

Based in Lugano, Switzerland, Sofsky is a five-piece combo featuring a line up of musicians who own extensive past musical experiences. Stefano Chiassai (guitars) and Giona Mattei (bass), used to play with the post-rock band KOVLO, which played several tours in mainland Europe, and even travelled to China; Flavio Calaon (keys) was a member of the duo Shindo, previously of Flanard, and also a soloist; Dimitri A. (drums) is an eclectic figure into radically different music styles, ranging from vintage goth to vintage rock’n’roll, and also a producer for avantgarde Swiss jazz; Nick Poretti (vocals) was a former member of the nu-prog band Plain, and is known for his collaborations with, among others, Re-count and Stendeck.  

SOFSKY was born as a unique blend of all those experiences and tastes, shifting comfortably from contemporary sound production to the sonic landscapes of past decades: early Pink Floyds’s psychedelia, ’80s post-punk (The Smiths, Joy Division), classic shoegaze (Slowdive, MBV), and of course the post-rock influences already heard in Klovo (Mogwai, Sigur Ros).

After releasing 3 digital singles – now enclosed as album’s bonus tracks – Sofsky recorded seven brand new songs at Laboratorio Sperimentazione Sonora Nitön a Barasso (Varese), with Luca Martegano and Enrico Mangione from La Sauna Studio taking production and mixing duties. Mastering was in charge of Tony Cousins at Metropolis Studios in London. 

This collection of songs is going to impress and charm with its wide soundscapes, an endless garden of sounds and lyrics where thoughts are free to roam, exploring the many facets of emotions and existence, with their myriad of shades between black and white.


Release date: October 01st, 2021
Label: White Cavern Dischi
File under: electro, indie, acid pop

PR Territories: worldwide except Italy


Blùmia are Azzurra Buccoliero and Cristiano Meleleo, who met in early 2015 and quickly shared their passion for music and performances. Azzurra was a singer and sax player, with years of experience on stages in their native Puglia. Cristiano had moved from being a drummer and songwriter for local bands to a full intensive immersion into audio editing, mixing and experimenting with synths.
Blùmia were born out of a loving marriage between Azzurra’s soulful vocals and Cristiano’s futuristic, acid approach to electronic music.

Their first eponymous EP, released in late 2015, was promoted with engaging shows all over Italy and gained them not a few prizes in renowned national contests (Arezzo Wave Love Festival 2016, “Miscela Rock Festival” in Turin)
With another EP released in 2016, Blùmia were offered to support live bigger names of the Italian indie scene, playing shows in front of 10000 people.
Wild Type”, the first full-length published in 2018 by Rivolta Records, pushed Blùmia to even bigger things, with a headline show at Angelo Mei in Rome.
Forced like everyone else to a break due to pandemics, Azzurra and Cristiano concentrated on composing new songs.
Pretty Vulcan is the first new shot for a project ready to bring their wild and refreshing sound outside their national borders

Pretty Vulcan is the new single for Blùmia, an electro duo with a soul core active since 2015.
The compelling tribal beats and catchy vocals make Pretty Vulcan a real dancefloor anthem, perfectly matched by the neon visuals of the videoclip, a due reference to when indie was popular in clubs, back to post-punk (New Order) and to the golden new rave age (CSS, Late of the Pier, Justice, New Young Pony Club).
Pretty Vulcan is the sexual energy we have inside that pushes us towards unconventional desires, free from inhibitions and prejudices. It’s an electric, visceral, animal dance, a foul rebellion against society’s pantomime.
The videoclip was shot by Luca Pistillo, creative director for many commercials also for Vogue Italy and London Fashion Week.


Jammerzine (USA) – Video première
The Blackout Radio Show (UK/USA/CAN/GR/CYP)
End of the Week Show on Sheppey FM
Selection Sorties (FR)
Tinnitist (CAN)


Release date: August 31st, 2021
Label: Seahorse Recordings
Distribution: Audioglobe / The Orchard
File under: electronic, world music

PR Territories: EU/UK/IT

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Safir Nòu is the name of the musical project started in 2017 by Sardinian guitarist and accordion player Antonio Firinu. The first album Groundless was released the same year by Label Netlabel, featuring cinematic instrumental compositions, influenced by chamber classical, post-rock and world music. Ontop of good feedbacks from Italian media, Groundless got attention also from abroad, especially from France and the Uk.
In the following years, Safir Nòu released two singles: Sensory Overload in 2028 and Drifting Effect in late 2019.
The music from Groundless was chosen by director Neri Marcorè for a theatrical performance based on the writings of Cesare Pavese. Firinu also played classic guitar in the album DIE, by post-rock experimental act IOSONOUNCANE.
Safir Nòu have been invited to play at high profile festivals, as Nora Jazz, European Jazz Expo, Waves festival, Calagonone Jazz, Pavese Festival, Summer is Mine.

Il progetto Safir Nòu nasce nel 2017 da un’idea del chitarrista-fisarmonicista sardo Antonio Firinu, che raccoglie nel Disco “Groundless” (2017 – Label Netlabel) una serie di composizioni strumentali di ispirazione cinematografica tra la musica da camera, il post rock e la e la world music. Il disco ha avuto importanti riconoscimenti nelle riviste nazionali (Rockit, Rockol, Rockerilla, OndaRock, Babylon Radio 2) e blog internazionali.
Nel 2018 Esce il singolo “Sensory Overload” (MIS records) e nel dicembre 2019 il singolo “Drifting Effect”.
Ha collaborato con IOSONOUNCANE dove suona la chitarra classica nel disco “DIE”, e con Neri Marcorè per lo spettacolo-lettura su Cesare Pavese, dove sono protagoniste le musiche edite in Groundless.
La band oggi è attiva nel panorama nazionale e ha partecipato a diversi festival internazionali: Nora Jazz, European Jazz Expo, Waves festival, Calagonone Jazz, Pavese Festival, Summer is Mine.

Antonio Firinu: guitars, accordion, synth, compositions
Ivana Busu: synth, electronics, accordion
Sergio Tifu: violin
Andrea Lai: electric bass and doublebass
Antonio Pinna: drums

Liminal is the result of constant research and the gathering of material over 4-years, through travels, reading, experience and study.
A liminal space is an interstitial space between two doors, two thresholds, two boundaries that represent the passage from one state into the next. Is the dimension of the double suspension, the human condition of being between “no longer” and “not yet”.
The search for another condition, an unresolved feeling, an unspoken word, a journey with no direction, a migration. Liminal is a double album, in two chapters of six tracks each: Waves – inspired by the novel The Lost Sailors by Jean-Claude Izzo – and Sands – inspired by the autobiographical novel “Il deserto non ha cielo” by Lamine Ceesay, which documents his travel from Gambia to Italy. Two different perspectives, both expressing the idea of a liminal travel, of being suspended in a space and time “in between”.

Liminal è frutto di una ricerca costante e di raccolta di materiali durata 4 anni, attraverso viaggi, letture, esperienze e studio dell’autore Antonio Firinu. Se Groundless, il primo disco di Safir Nou, era un lavoro intimo, che voleva esprime il concetto di sospensione tra il cielo e la terra, di riflessione e osservazione del paesaggio, Liminal, risulta invece un lavoro che nasce dalla terra, si radica nel mondo circostante e ne prende le forme.
Liminal è un concetto applicabile a diversi campi della conoscenza, dalla psicologia (liminal thinking), all’antropologia, se non anche all’architettura e alla filosofia. Così vengono concepiti due viaggi musicali incisi in un doppio disco che riflettono, affrontano e descrivono proprio la dimensione Liminale. Si tratta di due capitoli diversi ciascuno composto da 6 brani: Waves – liberamente ispirato al romanzo “Marinai Perduti” di Jean Claude Izzo – e Sands – liberamente ispirato al romanzo biografico “Il deserto non ha cielo” di Lamine Ceesay, che documenta il viaggio di un migrante dal Gambia all’Italia. Due aspetti dello stesso concetto, ma che entrambi esprimono il concetto di viaggio liminale, di sospensione e di spazio dell’intermezzo.

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