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Artist: Synne Sanden
Title: Unfold (album)
Release date: February 17th, 2023
Label: Nordic Records
Hometown: Oslo, Norway
Genre: experimental pop
PR territories: worldwide except German speaking countries and Scandinavia

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Unfold is the fifth solo album from the experimental pop artist Synne Sanden.
The album is composed by Sanden and produced by the well known producer Lars Horntveth, who has produced for Susanne Sundfør, Fieh, Aha and Kimbra, and is also a member and bandleader of Jaga Jazzist.
Synne Sanden writes about the things we find difficult and vulnerable to talk about, what we are ashamed of, about personal growth and healing.
Gaffa writes «she has succeeded in finding her own voice, both musically as well as lyrically».
Synne Sanden combines the catchy and the beautiful, with the quirky, expressive and raw and creates songs and soundscapes where you can hear her unique signature.

The album Unfold is about taking back your body and sexuality, after boundaries have been crossed.
She writes about creating a new safety, where it ́s been unsafe, and how the good and important sexuality gives nearness, vitality, presence and a sense of belonging, and how these painful sexual experiences can make you feel weak and small.

On the album you can hear vocals, beats, moon drums, rhodes, accordion, drums, synths, harp, strings, bass clarinet, vibrafone and pedal steel.
Some songs are co-produced by Synne Sanden, Kim Reenskaug and Peter Estdahl.
The co-producers are playing on the album, together with Synne ́s permanent band consisting of: Julie Kleive, Henrik Schmidt, Lars Fremmerlid and Jørgen Apeness. Ellen Bødtker is guesting on harp on two songs and Lise Sørensen is playing strings on several songs.

Synne Sanden conveys her emotions and strength, from her deepest layer, and you can hear her doing this in a very large degree on Unfold.

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Release date: April 24th, 2021
Label: Seahorse Recordings
Countries: Lebanon/Italy
Genre: darkwave, goth, world music

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Following her album debut, 2015’s Manifesto Anti-War, musician, singer, and performing artist Rita Tekeyan is back with her sophomore full-length follow-up, Green Line, available April 24th through Seahorse Recordings.
Born in Lebanon from Armenian family, Rita is now living in North of Italy, by the Garda’s Lake.

Devil’s OB, the first single, released on April 02nd, is a twisted, witchy, and yet dreamy song about internal conflicts, obsession, desperation, and madness. The video, premièred on New Noise Mag, was shot in the woods by director Enrico Fappani, and creates the atmosphere of a dark fairytale, using symbols, a wicked scenery and the powerful presence of Rita’s gestures and voice, which could remind female artists as Kate Bush, Lydia Lunch or Nina Hagen.
Green Line is dedicated to Beirut, Tekeyan’s native city. ‘Green Line’ was the green linear area on Beirut’s map during the civil war, dividing Beirut by East and West, and it was one of the most dangerous and devastated areas of Beirut.
The images of Beirut in the Green Line album booklet were taken by Rita Tekeyan in post-war Beirut in 2016, in various locations of the Green Line area, as she searched for the hidden traces of war and the deep scars that will never be ereased.

Green Line is a musical project where whispers and silence are as essential as screams. Pieces of memories are put together in a new order, a new dimension, the music dimension, the words dimension; a reconstruction of space and time through music and words, inspired by Deconstructivism and the “Poetics of Space” of French philosopher Gaston Bachelard. Tekeyan’s album is part of the project which focuses on war stories and details, events that are unknown to most people, events that no radio or television program would talk about, events insignificant to the regular eye but huge in the eyes of a child.

Dopo il debutto del 2015, Manifesto Anti-War, la cantante, musicista e performer Rita Tekeyan torna col nuovo album Green Line, disponibile dal 24 Aprile su Seahorse Recordings. Di origini armene ma nata in Libano, Rita è ora residente in Italia, a Desenzano sul Garda.

Devil’s OB, il primo singolo, è stato pubbicato il 02 Aprile. E’ un brano stregato, sofferto, eppur sognante, che racconta di conflitti interni, ossessioni, disperazione e follia. Il video, presentato in anteprima da New Noise Mag, è stato girato nei boschi dal regista Enrico Fappani, e crea l’atmosfera di una favola dark, usando simboli, un paesaggio incantato e la presenza scenica di Rita, dei suoi gesti e della sua voce, che potrebbe ricordare artiste femminili come Kate Bush, Lydia Lunch e Nina Hagen.

Green Line è dedicato a Beirut, la città natale della Tekeyan. La “Green Line” (linea verde) era quell’area lineare segnata sulle mappe col colore verde durante la guerra civile, che divideva Beirut Est da Beirut Ovest, ed era l’area maggiormente pericolosa e devastata della città.
Le immagini di Beirut nel booklet dell’album sono della stessa Rita Tekeyan, scattate nella Beirut post guerra del 2016, alla ricerca di tracce nascoste del conflitto e di cicatrici che non si rimargineranno.
Green Line è un progetto musicale in cui i sussurri e il silenzio sono essenziali come le urla. Pezzi di memoria sono riassemblati in un nuovo ordine, una nuova dimensione, quella della musica e dei versi, che ricostruiscono lo spazio e il tempo. L’ispirazione viene dal Decostruttivismo e dalla “poetica dello spazio” del filosofo francese Gaston Bachelard.

Il lavoro della Tekeyan è parte di un più vasto progetto incentrato sui dettagli delle storie di guerra, su eventi sconosciuti ai più, eventi di cui nessuna radio e televisione parlerà mai, insignificanti agli occhi del pubblico e della Storia, ma immensi agli occhi di un bambino che, come Rita, è cresciuto in un Paese in guerra.


The Ferocious Few
My Love
Out March 19th, 2021
Format: single, digital
ISRC QZDA52131860
Record label: Granny Records

Official Website // Facebook // Instagram // YouTube // Spotify

The Ferocious Few is a moniker for vagabond songster Francisco Fernandez and a shifting array of soulful cronies who for years have used anarchic guerrilla tactics to take over corners of streets, fairs, party boats, penthouse parties, festivals, US and European tours with sold-out shows, opening sets for Oh Sees at SXSW and for Ty Segall, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Bob Log III, The Jesus & Mary Chain plus many others, not forgetting the 20 dates of Cyndi Lauper’s Memphis Blues Tour.
The Few has alternately been compared to Motorhead (there’s a great picture of Fernandez posing beside his idol Lemmy next to a poker arcade) and a speedy alpha-male Dylan.
The Ferocious Few sets are polished by years of daily performance into a strong and consistent assault of cow-punk. Some people, the ones who most easily respond to this narrative, may call Fernandez a prophet, others merely a jumping fool, but I see him as a troubadour of unlikely relevance and a fine storyteller.
The Ferocious Few are more than good, they’re idiosyncratic in their approach and therefore have no competition”  Aleksey Calvin – Piece Mag

A living legend and a landmark in their native San Francisco, where Fernandez started the band back in 2005, The Ferocious Few are not going to be stopped from testifying their faith in the true, liberating spirit of R’n’R. “Juices“, their album released on cult label Birdman, was defined: “a visceral and viscous testament to their stunningly heartfelt brutality.” (BMI).

A man who cannot stand still, Fernandez moved to Europe in early 2020. Pandemic took him away from stages but didn’t stop his inspiration. Autumn 2021 will see the release of a brand new album for The Ferocious Few, showing a wild, eclectic attitude that shakes and mixes blues, folk, rockabilly, r&b, soul, country and grunge too, but never lacks the band’s distinctive both raw and cool songwriting mark.

My Love” is a tasty appetizer, which will be followed in late Spring 2021 by an exceptional document, a live album, dense with energy and passion, recorded at GAMH in Frisco.
For one full year now we’ve all been missing live music, the thriving, unique, satisfying experience of a great performance.
The Ferocious Few are Ceremony’s masters. It won’t be long before we’ll find them at a corner of a street, party, festival, and they’ll make us feel – again! – alive. 

Breezy, summery, infectious, passionate, “My Love” sounds like a classic banger from r’n’r golden-era, set for these new modern times. The man behind it is American legend Francisco Fernandez, best known as The Ferocious Few.
Relocated to Luxembourg right at the unpredictable eve of the pandemic spread, Francisco choose this song, dear to him, to be his passport for the European audiences.
“My Love” is a song that’s been performed live as a favourite over many years, evolving from an angry song to a song about positive desires. The lyrics, about the longing to be with friends and family again, make even more sense now, in an age in which many of us have experienced forced separation from mates, relatives, lovers.
This is the case for Francisco  who’s been in Europe the whole time of the pandemic, watching his home country in turmoil. The track was recorded with producer Tom Gatti in Luxembourg.
As Fernandez says: “We made this song in hopes to give people something to look forward to


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