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Richard Wølf – Hybrid
Format: album
Label: San Luca Sound
Release date: April 16th, 2021
Hometown: Roma, Italy
Genre: indietronic, industrial, sci-fi metal

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PR territories: worldwide except Italy
Target: digital, radio, playlists
Period: April / June 2021

HYBRID is the debut album for Richard Wølf, stage name for Riccardo Sarti, who in “everyday life” works as actor, performer and voice actor.
Hybrid was born out of his love for music, but also for movies and sound design, both close to cyberpunk and sci-fi aesthetics and sub-cultures.
Not by chance, the album features a cover of one of the most challenging songs ever written, Bowie’s Life on Mars.
Hybrid draws from several kind of sounds, mixing the elegance of Wagner’s inspired classical music, the energy of hard rock and the electronic futuristic approach.
Both songwriting and arrangements were born with cinematografic references in mind, so that the album can be listened as the fictitious soundtrack for a movie, TV series or even a videogame.


Madness at Home – EP
Release date: December 14th, 2020
Label: Seahorse
Hometown: Roma, Italy
Genre: stoner, punk, dirty sounds

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Madness at Home are a young trio born and raised in Rome.
Influenced by artists like Kyuss, Nirvana and Melvins, the band tries to bring back that obsolete sound from the late 80’s and early 90’s.
Their sound is dirt, distorted, untrendy, the lyrics are focused on sudden feelings and repressed thoughts, flowing as a stream of consciousness without any logical meaning.
This is Madness at Home first, eponymous Ep, featuring 5 tracks.
It comes as the result of a long and constantly evolving job in sound research, wanting to sum up the essence and ethos of their music.
Some songs were written a few years ago, others more recently, but all of them picture a state of mind due to a situation of everlasting hardship and distress.
Madness at Home live sets are already notorious for being riotous and sweaty concentrates of punk rock. Expect hangovers the morning after!
Madness at Home sono un trio giovane, nato e cresciuto a Roma, a suon di ascolti intensivi di Kyuss, Nirvana, Melvins.
E’ proprio a quel suono obsoleto, fuori moda, distorto che sono devoti, infondendogli nuova linfa vitale.
I testi in inglese raccolgono sensazioni improvvise e pensieri repressi, scorrendo come uno stream of consciusness privo di senso logico.
Questo è l’EP d’esordio, omonimo, dei Madness at Home, e racchiude 5 tracce che sono il risultato di un lungo lavoro, costantemente in evoluzione, di ricerca di un suono in grado di racchiudere l’essenza e l’etica della loro musica.
Alcuni brani sono stati scritti tempo addietro, altri sono più recenti, ma tutti condividono uno stato mentale dovuto a una situazione di perenne difficoltà e angoscia.
Dal vivo i Madness at Home sono ben conosciuti come un concentrato riottoso e sudato di punk rock. Il risveglio con hangover è assicurato!


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