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PR: OSTARA’S BLESS – Masculine / Feminine

IT : darkwave, post-punk, world music

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The bird fights its way out of the egg. The egg is the world. Who would be born must first destroy a world.” Hermann Hesse, Demian

Critical times can and must be crucial for transformation, shaping new identities out of facing crisis and the unexpected. This is the soil that nurtured Ostara’s Bless birth. Paolo Messere, known for his mammoth work as Blessed Child Opera, with more than 10 years and 10 albums under this name, found himself stuck during the self-isolation months in his stunning Art Seahorse House, a white villa surrounded by a huge garden full of cactus, bougainvilleas and palm trees, with a recording studio at its core, and the sicilian sea a few steps away.
In the void of human contacts, the harsh, extreme, vivid mediterranean nature became the source of inspiration for a songwriting still dark and tortured, but also newly and firmly centered in a place at the crosspoint between Europe, Africa and the Middle East. The sunsets of the Stagnone near Marsala, the fascination of the salt pans and the absurd games of colors at the horizon brought in the consciousness and the spell of being in the most African place in Europe.
Masculine/Feminine is the first of two double albums, all due out in 2022, that collect and organise the sheer volume of new compositions that Paolo Messere started to fix in March 2020, following first some sketches from his previous life in Syracuse, but soon flowing with an endless thread of new ideas and sounds. There was plenty of time and a world in standstill and uncertainty outside, and the need to fight demons through recordings.

Masculine the A side, is called so simply because the more masculine side of his personality forged the songs, composed back in Syracuse but lyrically completed in Marsala. As Paolo says: “My way of writing music has changed in the light of my new sound researches, already started with BCO’s last album Love Songs / Complications, and which have reached an higher degree of maturity in light of the new cosmic events, leading me to a new reflection on existence, and on the meaning of being an artist in this fragmented and almost disintegrated contemporaneity. Masculine can be said to be an existentialist and very pagan album, irreverent but poetic, rational but also emotionally intense and painful.”

Feminine, the B side of the album, however, was all written in Marsala. It’s a hymn to the sensuality of female nature, and to the Middle Eastern essence of the surroundings. “The interpretations Rita Saviano gave to my compositions impressively married the overall vision I had of the pieces, giving a unique evocative power to the instrumental mantras. Rita also chose to play with different semantic aspects of the languages, writing and singing the lyrics in Latin, French, English. Feminine also features instrumental compositions that allowed me to experiment with sampling traditional voices of Indian culture, which indeed have become the backbone of the songs themselves.

When the world started to slowly open up again in Spring 2021, Paolo Messere found himself with 4 albums ready, but many doubts about how and when to release them. Nothing will be the same, it was said, and also his music went through a process of transformation. The egg had to be broken. And it happened when, in October 2021, longtime friend and musician Matteo Anelli came to visit. Matteo had been in several past line ups for Blessed Child Opera, touring and writing songs with Paolo. After one full week of reharsing and writing, it was clear to both that the bond was perfect, and that something new and different was born out of the ashes of Blessed Child Opera.
From the common love for tarots, they choose the name of Ostara’s Bless. Ostara is the ancient deity of the rites of Spring, associated with new creative beginnings, and later with pagan Easter, with the egg as symbol of a new life cracking up from the shell.
Matteo also shaped the visual side of the project, designing the logo and the artworks for all forthcoming releases.
Masculine/Feminine was released on Seahorse Recordings on January 14th, 2022, first digital, and with cds and double vinyls to follow later in the year.
The song Fear of Neglect was chosen for the first video clip, capturing its nervous, almost menacing sound. The song’s lyrics about wanting to grasp something – a love – when one knows it’s lost already, the arabian sounding chorus and the sudden light in the finale perfectly summon the process and themes behind Ostara’s Bless existence.

Double album out Jan 14th, 2022 on Seahorse Recordings

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Release date: August 31st, 2021
Label: Seahorse Recordings
Distribution: Audioglobe / The Orchard
File under: electronic, world music

PR Territories: EU/UK/IT

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Safir Nòu is the name of the musical project started in 2017 by Sardinian guitarist and accordion player Antonio Firinu. The first album Groundless was released the same year by Label Netlabel, featuring cinematic instrumental compositions, influenced by chamber classical, post-rock and world music. Ontop of good feedbacks from Italian media, Groundless got attention also from abroad, especially from France and the Uk.
In the following years, Safir Nòu released two singles: Sensory Overload in 2028 and Drifting Effect in late 2019.
The music from Groundless was chosen by director Neri Marcorè for a theatrical performance based on the writings of Cesare Pavese. Firinu also played classic guitar in the album DIE, by post-rock experimental act IOSONOUNCANE.
Safir Nòu have been invited to play at high profile festivals, as Nora Jazz, European Jazz Expo, Waves festival, Calagonone Jazz, Pavese Festival, Summer is Mine.

Il progetto Safir Nòu nasce nel 2017 da un’idea del chitarrista-fisarmonicista sardo Antonio Firinu, che raccoglie nel Disco “Groundless” (2017 – Label Netlabel) una serie di composizioni strumentali di ispirazione cinematografica tra la musica da camera, il post rock e la e la world music. Il disco ha avuto importanti riconoscimenti nelle riviste nazionali (Rockit, Rockol, Rockerilla, OndaRock, Babylon Radio 2) e blog internazionali.
Nel 2018 Esce il singolo “Sensory Overload” (MIS records) e nel dicembre 2019 il singolo “Drifting Effect”.
Ha collaborato con IOSONOUNCANE dove suona la chitarra classica nel disco “DIE”, e con Neri Marcorè per lo spettacolo-lettura su Cesare Pavese, dove sono protagoniste le musiche edite in Groundless.
La band oggi è attiva nel panorama nazionale e ha partecipato a diversi festival internazionali: Nora Jazz, European Jazz Expo, Waves festival, Calagonone Jazz, Pavese Festival, Summer is Mine.

Antonio Firinu: guitars, accordion, synth, compositions
Ivana Busu: synth, electronics, accordion
Sergio Tifu: violin
Andrea Lai: electric bass and doublebass
Antonio Pinna: drums

Liminal is the result of constant research and the gathering of material over 4-years, through travels, reading, experience and study.
A liminal space is an interstitial space between two doors, two thresholds, two boundaries that represent the passage from one state into the next. Is the dimension of the double suspension, the human condition of being between “no longer” and “not yet”.
The search for another condition, an unresolved feeling, an unspoken word, a journey with no direction, a migration. Liminal is a double album, in two chapters of six tracks each: Waves – inspired by the novel The Lost Sailors by Jean-Claude Izzo – and Sands – inspired by the autobiographical novel “Il deserto non ha cielo” by Lamine Ceesay, which documents his travel from Gambia to Italy. Two different perspectives, both expressing the idea of a liminal travel, of being suspended in a space and time “in between”.

Liminal è frutto di una ricerca costante e di raccolta di materiali durata 4 anni, attraverso viaggi, letture, esperienze e studio dell’autore Antonio Firinu. Se Groundless, il primo disco di Safir Nou, era un lavoro intimo, che voleva esprime il concetto di sospensione tra il cielo e la terra, di riflessione e osservazione del paesaggio, Liminal, risulta invece un lavoro che nasce dalla terra, si radica nel mondo circostante e ne prende le forme.
Liminal è un concetto applicabile a diversi campi della conoscenza, dalla psicologia (liminal thinking), all’antropologia, se non anche all’architettura e alla filosofia. Così vengono concepiti due viaggi musicali incisi in un doppio disco che riflettono, affrontano e descrivono proprio la dimensione Liminale. Si tratta di due capitoli diversi ciascuno composto da 6 brani: Waves – liberamente ispirato al romanzo “Marinai Perduti” di Jean Claude Izzo – e Sands – liberamente ispirato al romanzo biografico “Il deserto non ha cielo” di Lamine Ceesay, che documenta il viaggio di un migrante dal Gambia all’Italia. Due aspetti dello stesso concetto, ma che entrambi esprimono il concetto di viaggio liminale, di sospensione e di spazio dell’intermezzo.

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PR : Bilbosa – Ayla EP

Release date: June 18th, 2021
Label: Seahorse Recordings
Distribution: Audioglobe / The Orchard
File under: Instrumental post-rock, trip hop, world

PR Territories: EU/UK/IT

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Bilbosa started in Genoa in 2016, after their previous project “Chaos Del Signor Gaza” disbanded. The four remaining musicians spent much of their energies collaborating, jamming, and trying to find out what musical route to seek.
Finally, they decided to lock themselves in the recording studio in 2018, a choice that fostered the recording of their first official album, produced at Green Fog by Tristan Martinelli.
Diamond Dust, their first album released in September 2020 by Seahorse Recordings, is meant to summon a large range of emotions, from absolute happiness and joy to moments of sorrow, and despair.
Universal emotions that everyone experiences at multiple junctures of their lives.
The album is instrumental in its entirety; therefore, there are nor lyrics neither words that suggest to the listener how to openly feel or what to contemplate.
The auditor has full control and complete authority to be guided by his own instinct, emotions and images that form in his head listening to the musical pieces.
The experience is distilled from the tallest cold Chilean mountains, to the hottest sandy beaches in Borneo, through a sulfuric volcano of the Pacific rim, flying above the waters in Africa with a flock of flamingos, and watching the icebergs alongside the polar bears.
A declaration of love to Mother Earth in her virginity and variety. This music was conceived with the intention to lead the listenerthrough a travel around the globe, to amazing places we would love to explore, even when life forcefully tie us to our sofas.

I Bilbosa nascono a Genova nel 2016, dopo lo scioglimento del precedente gruppo “Chaos del Signor Gaza”. I quattro musicisti compongono hanno speso molte delle proprie energie collaborando, jammando e cercando di capire che linea musicale intraprendere, fino al momento in cui, nel 2018, hanno deciso di rinchiudersi in studio per registrare il loro primo album ufficiale.
Diamond Dust, l’album d’esordio pubblicato a Settembre 2020 per Seahorse Recordings, rievoca emozioni di ampio range, dalla gioia e dalla felicità assoluta a momenti di tristezza, e di disperazione. Emozioni universali che ognuno di noi ha provato in diversi momenti della propria vita.
L’album è totalmente strumentale; non vi sono quindi testi ne’ parole che indirizzino l’ascoltatore verso stati d’animo precisi, lasciandogli il pieno controllo e l’autorità di lasciarsi guidare dal suo istinto, dalle sue emozioni e dalle immagini che si proiettano autonomamente nella sua testa durante l’ascolto dei pezzi.
L’immaginario spazia dalle glaciali montagne del Cile alle calde spiagge sabbiose del Borneo, passando attraverso un vulcano sulfureo dell’anello del Pacifico, per volare sopra le acque dell’Africa con uno stormo di fenicotteri e poi guardare gli iceberg in compagnia di orsi polari.
Questa musica è stata concepita proprio con l’intento di far viaggiare mentalmente l’ascoltatore attorno al globo, verso i luoghi che amerebbe esplorare, anche quando si è, più o meno forzatamente, inchiodati al proprio divano

Following their late 2020 debut album “Diamond Dust”, which attracted attention from post-rock fans worldwide, Genoa‘s based Bilbosa are releasing on June 18th, 2021 their new EP “Ayla”.
The EP features three new songs, moving further towards contamination with jazz, experimental rhythmics and world music structures. As an assertion of their willingness to tear down boundaries, Bilbosa chosen to give to the song Neon the vocal treatment, something completely new to their sound.
The vocal version of Neon, released as single on June 03rd, was born out of the collaboration with Irish singer-songwriter Lori Sky, a longtime friend for the band, who contributes vocals, as well as lyrics. Lori’s distinctive vocal irishness, fused into Bilbosa’s hypnotic electronics, makes the single sounding like an impossible joint venture between Dolores O’Riordan or Sinead O’Connor and Massive Attack.
As Diamond Dust, the EP has been recorded at Meganoidi’s Green Fog Studios in Genoa by Tristan Martinelli.

I saw the ‘Neon’ music as a bright light, like the love that a close relationship brings into your life. So I ended up writing this song to celebrate my Mum, who I had just lost. The music helped me to express what I was learning about grief, that when you allow yourself to feel the pain of loss you are more able to appreciate and understand the love. Lori Sky

Covid forced us to become more creative in how we collaborate with others. As a band, we wrote the music and then sent it to Lori Sky, an Irish singer-songwriter. Lori listened to the track and wrote lyrics to the song, which are very personal to her and yet, there are very universal themes here about love, loss and grief. David Carroll (Bilbosa)


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