A Giant Leap is a european booking agency.
I have more than 15 years of experience in tour booking.
I like to work with bands with a vision.
I  like bands in it for the music, like minded people who consider every gig as a key gig.
I like to work with bands who respect and help each other, and respect everyone’s work.
A Giant Leap started in 2010 and for a series of coincidences it became a key agency for what was called first nu-gaze and than psych scene.
But the first band I worked with back in 2000 – and for which I started indie label Suiteside – were called Rollercoaster and you can guess why. I did first tour for The Telescopes back in 2003.
It’s just what I loved, love and will keep loving when all the hype will be finally over.
I’ve heard too much to like copycats, it’s all about attitude.
I’m not in it for the money, it’s 20 years I’m trying to get a living from music and by now I know what matters is doing honestly the things you love with people you go on well with and you like, and to have good times and good memories.
Sometimes it’s crazy, but the craziest are the best bits we will remember.
That’s it.

Monica Melissano

…we’re not part of music industry. we are shaping music history…

contacts: team(at)agiantleap.net