Artist: Kodaclips
Title: Glances
Format: album
Release date: September 23, 2022
Label: Overdub Recordings
Genres: Shoegaze / Alternative /Post Rock
Hometown: Cesena (IT)

PR Territories: UK


Glances is Kodaclips debut album, released by Overdub Recordings.

The album title is a tribute to one of their main influences, quoting the lyrics from Don, Aman, the 3rd track from the masterpiece Spiderland by Slint.

Being completely self-produced and self-recorded, Glances keeps a strong intimate feeling.
The lyrics are cryptic, thanks to the use of the cut-up technique, with the vocals often drowned in reverb.
Thematically, Glances deals with the ups and downs of depression, apathy, ominous signs, and dreamy moods.

The sound ranges from shoegaze and post-punk to space rock, with elements from math and post, with a rough sound that reminds of 90’s vibes.

The guitars create walls of distortion and ethereal atmospheres, doubling the energy pouring from the rhythm section.

Kodaclips were founded in the second half of 2021.
Each member came from a different artistic background, ranging from psychedelia to stoner and progressive, and in Kodaclips these sounds melt, together with 90’s vibes.
Heavily influenced by the second wave of shoegaze, especially by the italogaze scene, Kodaclips enjoy to experiment with melodic and arrangement ideas.
They made their stage debut towards the end of 2021 and, after a few local shows, they were chosen as opening act for of A Place to Bury Strangers’ Italy tour.

Two chords, basic drumming and vocals drowned into reverberation and delays. Not My Sound is the very first song ever written by Kodaclips, before they even found a name for the band.
It’s also the song that, played live, gained them enthusiastic appreciation from APTBS when Kodaclips opened their Italian shows. 
The theme of the song is the uncomfortable feeling of being naked in face of a world that does not recognise who you actually are, and the desire to run away from this kind of indifference before losing your own identity.

Video by Alessandro Mazzoni
Location: Woodoo Soundlabs (FC), The Cage Theatre (LI), Arezzo
Video premiered Jan. 16th, 2023

Destroy/Exist (UK)
Backseat Mafia (UK/AUS)
Not My Sound video premiere
‘Not My Sound’ is a sun-blocking wave of sound that fills the senses. Insistent drums drive a barrage of fuzzy, howling guitars over the top of distant, arctic vocals that are augmented by a backing chorus haunting and enigmatic. The sound is visceral, thundering, all encompassing, leaving you hollowed out in catatonic bliss at the end.
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