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Artist: EL-Faceless Night Lines
Title: As A Sky Of Fallen Planets
Release date: June 03rd, 2022
Label: Seahorse Recordings
File under: electronic, ambient, post rock, experimental

PR Territories: Digital Worldwide

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As A Sky Of Fallen Planets is a journey between worlds, dimensions, concrete and beyond-imagination realities. It’s a sky witnessing millennia of philosophies, conspiracies, celestial pictures and manipulations.
As A Sky Of Fallen Planets totally embraces the dimension of Art, as a light to free the ones trapped in the Plato’s caverns, swallowed by the darkness, to instigate a revolution, the ultimate and fatal reaction, raised in solemn and celestial choirs.
It’s the deep change that simple vibrations and frequencies can produce, a praise to the inner spirit, a warning for those who find themelves imprisoned by the will of divinities that come from outside, or that lodge in us, feeding on our Energy.

Through 14 chapters which distort time and space, the reality is filtered through the pure art of nourishing oneself.
A sea of industrial and electronic sounds is the mean to paint all of this; tears, drops, fragments of post punk, post rock and spiritual ambient spill notes and tunes in a pure underground production surpassing the concept of music, shifting to a 360° concept of Art, in a mix of instruments and styles that keep its roots in the history of avantgarde, looking towards a different and not planned future.
Every sound is related to a meaning, every meaning to a vibration, where good and evil are on the same side.
Nor everything that shines and blooms is capable of giving pure life, neither everything that represents the end is truly capable of setting a definitive finale, and it is up to us to decide which way to look, if towards the sky – internal or external – or into the darkness.

Released digitally on June 03rd 2022,  by Seahorse RecordingsAs a Sky of Fallen Planets is the debut album by EL-Faceless Night Lines, alias for Emanuele Luise, a young composer based in the South of Italy, near Naples.
His dense, exoteric work is introduced by the video for the track A.7-The Call Of The Horn, which will likely appeal to fans of the icy and enigmatic minimalism of Mùm, Sigur Ros, Ulver, Howard Shore and Akira Yamaoka.
The sound of the Horn calls slaves from Loneliness to Individual Mass Consciousness, preparing them for the final ritual, when the light floods over the vibrations hanging between reality and spiritual power. The Ascension is the next Chapter.

Lost in Groove (IT)
Switch On (IT)
Tinnitist (CAN)
The Blackout Radio Show with Mike Pougounas (GR/UK/US/CAN/CYP)
El Santo del Rock (MEX)
Sélection Sorties (FR)
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Kalporz (IT)


Release date: May 23rd, 2022
Label: Dirty Beach / Stand Alone Complex
File under: garage r’n’r, post-punk, heavy psych

PR Territories: worldwide except Italy

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23 AND BEYOND THE INFINITE were born in 2012 in Benevento, South of Italy, as a 4-piece band.

From the very beginning their sound is the result of the encounter between influences and suggestions coming from different worlds such as psych rock, post punk and early shoegaze, sometimes merging into noise experiments.

During the first 9 years of its career, the band has been constantly experimenting its own research on sounds and composition and has released 3 albums and 2 EPs that perfectly reflect its continuous evolution. This period has also been characterized by a dense live activity, thanks to which the band made itself known by performing over 300 times on numerous stages of European underground clubs and festivals.

In 2021 23 and Beyond the Infinite became a trio, thus marking an important stage in their path. While remaining faithful to its imprint, their sound became more immediate and cutting edge and grew a stronger live impact as well as new compositional inspiration. The result is the band’s fourth full length Lumen del Mundo, released on May 23th 2022 via Dirty Beach and Stand Alone Complex.

Live recorded by Raffaello Pisacreta at Mood Records in Atripalda (AV), mixed and mastered by James Aparicio, Lumen del Mundo is an 8-track album in which acid post punk grooves, surf guitars, a rough garage rock energy. and dynamics full of a strong emotionality merge and fuse, emphasized by live recording.

The album starts with the most immediate and impactful songs and then gradually opens up to noisedelic and deviant evolutions along a journey ending with a tribute to the Doors, reinterpreted in an absolutely personal key.

The album will be performed by the band in several tours through Italy and Europe during the year.

Released on May 11th, Horsedance is the single introducing 23 and Beyond the Infinite new album Lumen del Mundo.
Horsedance pushes the listener into a delirious dance in between acid and deviant worlds. Obsessive surf rock riffs, relentless rhythmics and garage-rock vocals merge together.
The video – by Andrea Conti and Chiara Abramo of Animal Slot Collective – revolves around a horse mask that attracts and possesses anyone who finds it. It’s a cursed but also liberating ritual, happening in the suburbs of a seaside city, and interrupting its loopy and grey monotony.
Horsedance is the cadabre abra of our awakenings. A mixture of irony, mysticism and contemporaneity that transports us to a filterless dimension, a game that drags us out of the ordinary and undresses the artifice. A dreamlike experience for daydreamers.

It’s Psychedelic Baby Mag (SLO) – album premiere
Vive Le Rock! (UK) – video premiere
Luminous Dash (BE)
8k Radio (NZ)
Sélection Sorties (FR)
El Santo del Rock (MEX)
Tinnitist (CAN)
Revista the 13th (ARG)
The Alternative Frequencies Rock Show / Radio Leyland (UK)


Release date: March 25th, 2022
Label: Seahorse Recordings
Distribution: Audioglobe / The Orchard
File under: shoegaze, indie

PR Territories: EU/UK/IT

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Electric dreaming, sky-gazing, alternative-radio friendly, rolling celestial (new) waves, Sofsky’s eponymous debut is available on digital platforms from March 25th, 2022, published by Seahorse Recordings (cd, digital) and distributed by Audioglobe / The Orchard.

Based in Lugano, Switzerland, Sofsky is a five-piece combo featuring a line up of musicians who own extensive past musical experiences. Stefano Chiassai (guitars) and Giona Mattei (bass), used to play with the post-rock band KOVLO, which played several tours in mainland Europe, and even travelled to China; Flavio Calaon (keys) was a member of the duo Shindo, previously of Flanard, and also a soloist; Dimitri A. (drums) is an eclectic figure into radically different music styles, ranging from vintage goth to vintage rock’n’roll, and also a producer for avantgarde Swiss jazz; Nick Poretti (vocals) was a former member of the nu-prog band Plain, and is known for his collaborations with, among others, Re-count and Stendeck.  

SOFSKY was born as a unique blend of all those experiences and tastes, shifting comfortably from contemporary sound production to the sonic landscapes of past decades: early Pink Floyds’s psychedelia, ’80s post-punk (The Smiths, Joy Division), classic shoegaze (Slowdive, MBV), and of course the post-rock influences already heard in Klovo (Mogwai, Sigur Ros).

After releasing 3 digital singles – now enclosed as album’s bonus tracks – Sofsky recorded seven brand new songs at Laboratorio Sperimentazione Sonora Nitön a Barasso (Varese), with Luca Martegano and Enrico Mangione from La Sauna Studio taking production and mixing duties. Mastering was in charge of Tony Cousins at Metropolis Studios in London. 

This collection of songs is going to impress and charm with its wide soundscapes, an endless garden of sounds and lyrics where thoughts are free to roam, exploring the many facets of emotions and existence, with their myriad of shades between black and white.