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“Bloove” is the first full-lenght for Last Movement, released February 2017 by Bloodrock Records on digipack, vinyl and digital stores and distributed by Goodfellas. “Bloove” is for sure a complex, not-ordinary and various effort, contaminated by different influences and sharing Last Movement's own vision about our times and reality. There's a tight and natural sound in these tracks, with “space to breathe” in the background, and this is for sure the best passport for a band ready to achieve international recognition.


“Hey Bulldog are a great band, this sounds fantastic!” John Kennedy, Radio X Xposure Hey Bulldog are the saviours of Manchester rock 'n' roll. Favourites on the live circuit of their home town and gaining acclaim beyond its’ frontiers, their sound is a bluesy psych jambalaya of hot riffs and saucy grooves. Their latest single 'Divide and Conquer" is a perfect exhibition for Hey Bulldog's vision. Each controlled detonation; each crack of the whip is here.


Needle and the Pain Reaction is an energetic dark groovy sonic guitar grunge punk band from Gent, Belgium. More then 15 years active in the underground scene, they're known for their DIY approach, their strong live reputation, their legendary guerrilla concerts and European and Canadian tours. Their main influences are bands as The Jezus Lizard, Metz, Helmet, Afghan Wigs, TAD.


The Dirtiest is a Florence-based garage punk band with a 7" released by Slovenly Records. There’s a lot going on here — blown out guitar string drag, gun drums, stomping hand-claps all funnelled into a wind tunnel, with a weird air horn blaring from above, vocals howling from below, all together with some surprising twists & turns & breaks.


Rhys Bloodjoy — "a solo psychedelic explosion" — has been wowing audiences on the underground since emerging on the Manchester live scene in late 2014. Shrouded in mystery with his head hooded, Bloodjoy's one-guitar-sound combines heartfelt vocals, semi-controlled feedback and echo-drenched acoustic guitar loops and beats; a sound which has been described as "Hypnotic...mellow and intense at the same time", while his live performance has been dubbed as one that "quite easily blows most four and five piece epics bands off the stage." New EP out May 19th on Eggs in Aspic Records.

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