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The Backlash formed in Milan during Spring 2013. Being the winners in a new bands music contest, they got immediately the chance to play big stages like Tunnel and Alcatraz, establishing themselves as a solid name in Milan’s underground music scene. Spotted by Dj Henry” (aka Enrico Lezzeri, a well known name for Italian Northern Soul and Mod fans), they got signed by his own RocketMan Records.
3rd Generation”, their first EP, was a collection of six tracks already popular with live audiences. It got rave reviews, and earned to The Backlash several live dates, in Italy, Spain, France and the UK, enclosing a support for The KVB.
In August 2016 the band decided to take a break from touring, to record their debut full-lenght “Mindtrap”, released in 2018, and promoted with support slots in Milan for  We Are Scientists and The Academic, plus several appearances at  In A State Of Flux, the leading itinerant festival for italian shoegaze scene. Wanting to be more in control of their schedule, and to reduce the timeframe between recordings and release, The Backlash then concentrated on building their own space and studio, named “Right Bright Side” (RBS), that’s where they recorded a new EP, “Passing By”, released early 2020. The EP features 4 tracks which are shiny jewels, speaking loud to the hearts and ears of everybody who is or has been in love with this ’90s British Sounds.“Everybody But Me”, the single, has been mastered by Frank Arkwright (The Smiths, Joy Division, New Order, Oasis, Primal Scream, Blur, The Charlatans…) at Abbey Road Studios in London.
“Right Bright Side” is a line from one of their songs, but it’s also a manifesto, pointing at where their sound belongs: luminous reverberations, vocals hovering above textured and coarse guitar chords, technicolor laser rays and spirals. The Verve’s A Northern Soul, early Oasis, the La’s, Ride’s Nowhere.

Unfortunately pandemic and lockdown made impossible to promote the release live, in spite of all the positive reviews and airplay The Backlash were getting.
After a first reaction of despair and frustration, the band concentrated on writing new songs, now at the stage of final mixing and mastering.
Summer 2021, The Backlash are ready to play finally live, and to label-scout for a due proper release in the next month.


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