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Nothing to Expect is the new album by Stella Diana released on February 22nd, 2022 for Vipchoyo/A State of Flux Records

The Neapolitan band, an institution of the underground, releases the new album reaffirming and pushing even more on the coordinates that have made it one of the most respected math-shoegaze bands in Italy and abroad. 

Nothing to Expect cleverly combines new wave, dark post punk textures and spirals of shoegaze light highlighting, this time, a more brazen opening towards the melody.

Napoli / Milan (IT)
Shoegaze, New Wave, Math
Vipchoyo Sound Factory / A State Of Flux Records

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Across tracks such as Sleepless Girl, In Abeyance, Regulus, and the finale of the recording, Marianne, Stella Diana rises to the occasion of expectancy and set a creative new high, one of passion, one of indestructability, of required listening. Liverpool Sound and Vision (UK)

Stella Diana excel in creating a chilling sonic architecture to their songs: haunting, brooding and filled with vast spaces and high vaulted ceilings. Backseat Mafia (UK)

Dreamy, evasive guitar playing are leading the listeners into a dark, dreamy vision which is accompanied by the dark, sensual vocals. Side-Line


Bologna / Ferrara (IT), Wave Records
Electronica / Wave

Apr 17 Ferrara (IT) – Teatro Off (release party)
Apr 24 Ferrara (IT) – Acido/Acida

Jun 26 Torino (IT) – Blah Blah


Where the strobo lights of electro-pop and the darkness of new wave meet, Broken Up were born out of a vision that Dedo Panzera shared immediately with Max Caselli.
The notorious twos were respectively bass player and guitar player for two legendary acts from the Italian 80’s new wave scene (Intelligence Dept. and Go Flamingo!).
In Broken Up the two musicians join forces with the singer Chiara Boldrini and Tom Lampronti on keyboards.
Their countless experiences and different musical influences merge into this exciting new project, whose debut album “Soul Victim” will see the light Feb. 28th, 2020 on Brazilian influential Wave Records.
The single “Long Long Long”, released December 2019, quickly became a favourite of Seattle’s cult station KEXP.


Milano (IT), Wave Records
Post-Punk / Darkwave

Mar 14 Roma (IT) – Krypta Night / Incubation at Zoobar
Apr 03 Milan (IT) In A State of Flux / TNT
Apr 16 Ragusa (IT) – The Globe
Apr 17 Palermo (IT) – Punk Funk


Lunaires is the new project by Danilo Carnevale and Patrizia Tranchina, ex-members of Jeunesse d’Ivoire, an underground legendary Italian wave band active in the early and mid-Eighties.
It’s a project stretched in time, from the post-punk of the early eighties to the post-everything of today.
The historic group Jeunesse d’Ivoire were featured in Body Section in 1983, an historical compilation of the seminal magazine Rockerilla – along with Litfiba,
Kirlian Camera and Diaframma
, among others.
They also took part in various other compilations: “Milano New Wave 1980-83” (Spittle Records, IT); “Cold Waves and Minimal Electronics vol.1” – 2010 (Angular Records – UK); “New Wave Italiana 1980 – 1986” – 2012 (Spittle Records); “Danza Meccanica vol. 2” – 2012 (Mannequin); “Italia Synthetica 1981-1985” 2013 (Spittle
The band toured extensively throughout Italy, including Milan, Turin, Florence, Rome, Bologna, Modena, Pisa, Brescia, Naples etc., supporting acts such as Kirlian Camera and the German band No More, and growing a strong reputation for their powerful and dynamic live sets.
Lunaires is the landing point of a long musical journey which embodies and testifies two very distant and still related musical eras, that of the crudest and most innocent post-punk of thirty years ago and today electronica, bordering on psychedelia, shoegaze and krautrock.
The album “If All the Ice Melted” has been released in April 2019 by Wave Records (Brazil), that’s also going to release the brand new single “Healing Hurricane” early 2020.

– Intervista di due pagine su Rockerilla di Novembre 2019, a cura di Mirco Salvadori.

“…With Lunaires, Patrizia and Danilo redefined their sound: if with Ivories the sound was more direct and influenced by post punk and new wave, with Lunaires the axis is moving or better, it’s morphing including electronic and shoegaze atmosphere to the mix. The eight tracks of the new album are more electronic based (all the bass lines are now synth sequences) and to me are sounding like a mix of Cocteau Twins and Slowdive with electronic arrangements.“ Chaindlk

“Un brano come Mirror Trancefix, dove I beat aumentano , i Lunaires, improvvisamente, si trasformano in una versione trance dei Suicide, con la stessa potenza colloquiale di Alan e Martin: questo pezzo eseguito recentemente dal vivo mi aveva colpito molto per la sua vena nichilista inaspettata.” Ascension Magazine

“L’esordio è davvero pregevole e ci dà l’opportunità di apprezzare ancora una volta la voce di Patrizia Tranchina, che il tempo trascorso sembra non aver mai offuscato e, anche qui, sa ben valorizzare la bella melodia: “Unbound” si collega fin dalle note iniziali di basso e chitarra, con il postpunk dal quale mutua anche l’atmosfera malinconica. Poi, “Nightfall” opta per scenari più cupi e ‘metropolitani’, evidenziati dalla ritmica assai più sostenuta, che creano con il canto, a tratti vellutato e armonioso, a tratti veemente, un intrigante abbinamento, mentre “The Hidden Word” è uno dei brani più sperimentali, tutto giocato su sfumature dreamy ravvivate da occasionali, quasi impercettibili momenti dissonanti su basi elettroniche di stampo ‘atmosferico’. Subito dopo, “Spring Waiting Still” paga il suo tributo a un dream pop di ottimo livello e “Naked Indivisible” torna a visioni di ampio respiro con la voce che ‘viaggia’ in uno spazio senza confini; “Mirror Trancefix” si concede una riuscita incursione in aree più ‘toste’ prossime all’electro.” Versacrum