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Parallel is the second album from the Milan based duo PINHDAR, released on March 26th 2021 for the English label Fruits de Mer Records. Announced in January by its title track chosen as the first single, the album was entirely recorded during the lockdown caused by the COVID-19 epidemic and subsequently co-produced by Howie B (Björk, Massive Attack, Tricky, Everything But The Girl, U2 …) It’s a concept, a journey through human fears and frailties, going up from song to song as in Dante’s Circles of Hell, from the fear of death up to an escape route, represented by the infinite coda of the last song.

Since exploding onto the music scene in 2019 with their self-titled debut PINHDAR have further refined their brand of Psychedelic dark Pop on this latest album. The duo have made a name for themselves on both sides of the Atlantic when in the band Nomoredolls; relentlessly playing New York venues like CBGB’s, Knitting Factory & Arlene’s Grocery and established a loyal US fanbase before moving on to establish PINHDAR. Under the new name and armed with a new sound it wasn’t long before they’d won over the ears of legendary British critic and Rock Music Biographer Kris Needs.

So impressed with the band’s unique sound, Kris invited them to play at the launch of his new book in London, all the while ‘TOY’ was starting to gain critical acclaim across the world with VICE/Noisey listing it in their top 10 tracks of 2019 and legendary station KEXP adding it to their repertoire.

PINHDAR are currently touring Europe as a trio, joined by drummer/multi-instrumentalist Alessandro Baris, while demoing new songs for a new release planned in 2023.

Milan, Italy
Dream Pop, Trip Hop
Fruits de Mer Records

Facebook // Instagram // YouTube // Bandcamp


“Parallel is one of the albums I’m most proud of” HOWIE B

“Italian duo’s masterpiece”

“A snapshot of life experienced in 2020” Prog (UK)

“Great and seducing.” Electronic Sound (UK)

“A haunting record that takes you into a world, as we have all come to know it over the past year. Not a happy world, but it does produce a beautiful record.” The Next Gig (NL)

“Dark ed atmosferico, tra dream pop and trip hop” LA REPUBBLICA (IT)

“E’ un amplesso artistico convincente, quello tra i Pinhdar e Howie B, a impreziosire un’opera in cui svettano i tumulti ritmici e gli squarci alla chitarra”
Ondarock (IT)


Bologna, IT
Techno, Punk, Garage Rock, Industrial


Released April 29th, 2022NO VAX (What’s Inside?) is the brand new single by Border., following their notorious debut EP We Don’t Exist (September 2020), which featured the radical LGBT dance anthem Double Rainbow.
NO VAX is a powerful techno-punk ritual, aiming to exorcise in an ironic way the nightmares of the pandemic’s everyday life.
A super-acid sound booms overwhelmingly, in a game of synths and “glitch” filters, all over Erika’s voice reciting as a kind of litany the list of Covid’s vaccines, variants, masks, Green Pass, etc. You can feel the not-so-subtle sarcasm about No Vax people, their conspiracy’s theories and their surreal skepticism against science.
In the very end, we just have to dance while we can, as much as we can.

The video was created by Veronica Fausti combining graphic video editing programs, such as Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro, with Procreate digital drawing software. The beats of the music enhance the acid rave style of the video, with distorted effects and RGB Glitch. The drawings are inspired by the No Vax propaganda, questioning the efficacy, purpose and composition of vaccines. It’s a stroboscopic journey, as if vaccines were comparable to drugs and their hallucinogenic effects.
The “mouth” is the predominant element, because this issue has been and is “on everyone’s lips”.

Border. – A short bio

Border., it’s written just like that, with the final dot indicating that there are no borders, in geography as in art.
Border. has an extreme sound, without compromise, obsessive rhythms that summarize the last forty years of punk and industrial, a perfect synthesis between Siouxsie, The Prodigy, The Cramps, Atari Teenage Riot.
The duo was born from the meeting between Demi More and Erika Spada in 2017 in the cult place of Bologna’s counterculture, via del Pratello; they found out they were both passionate about electronic music, post punk, garage rock and both have had many experiences in the field of music, theater and performance arts.
Demi was invited in 2012 to perform at the German Lollapalooza, and Erika had several collaborations as a playwrighter and actress – as Peraspera Festival. Demi was looking for a voice to complete his musical delirium and so the deal was done.
In September 2020 they released the WE DON’T EXIST – EP, recorded with the skilful production of Gianluca Lo Presti in the Loto Studio in the province of Ravenna.
The EP encloses the single Double Rainbow,  which caused quite a storm getting airplay and coverage all over the globe, from The States to France, from the Uk to New Zealand. The track was a radical manifesto in support of civil rights, paired by a video juxtaposing images of Trump, The Pope, Pride Parades and tribal dances, defined by Ice No Fruits blog “a technicolour maelstrom”.

After two years of pandemic, Border. now return with a new single, which is not by chance called NO VAX (What’s Inside?) and is again produced by Lo Presti. The release is scheduled for April 29, 2022.


Border., si scrive proprio così, con il punto finale ad indicare che non esistono confini, in geografia come nell’arte. 
I Border. hanno un sound estremo, senza compromessi, ritmi ossessivi che riassumono gli ultimi quarant’anni di punk e industrial, una perfetta sintesi tra Siouxsie, The Prodigy, The Cramps, Atari Teenage Riot. 
Il duo nasce dall’incontro tra Demi More ed Erika Spada nel 2017 nel luogo da sempre chiave della controcultura bolognese, Via del Pratello. Entrambi sono appassionati di musica elettronica, post punk, garage rock ed entrambi hanno alle spalle numerose esperienze nel campo della musica, del teatro e delle performance arts. Demi è stato invitato nel 2012 a esibirsi al Lollapalooza tedesco, ed Erika è reduce da diverse collaborazioni come drammaturga e attrice, fra cui il Peraspera Festival. Demi cerca una voce per completare il suo delirio musicale ed ecco che il gioco è fatto. 
A Settembre 2020 la prima uscita discografica: WE DON’T EXIST – EP, realizzato sotto l’abile produzione di Gianluca Lo Presti nel Loto Studio in provincia di Ravenna. L’EP include il singolo Double Rainbow, un manifesto radicale in favore dei diritti civili a colpi di synth e beats, supportato da un video – definito dal blog US Ice No Fruits “a technicolour maelstrom”–  che mischia Trump, il Papa, Pride Parade e danze tribali.
A Novembre 2021 il duo si esibisce durate la Milan Music Week, selezionati per gli showcase di Linecheck.
I Border. tornano ora con un nuovo singolo, che non a caso si chiama NO VAX (What’s Inside?) ed è sempre prodotto da Lo Presti, disponibile dal 29 Aprile 2022 sul loro Bandcamp, You Tube, e a breve anche su tutti i digital stores.


Nothing to Expect is the new album by Stella Diana released on February 22nd, 2022 for Vipchoyo/A State of Flux Records

The Neapolitan band, an institution of the underground, releases the new album reaffirming and pushing even more on the coordinates that have made it one of the most respected math-shoegaze bands in Italy and abroad. 

Nothing to Expect cleverly combines new wave, dark post punk textures and spirals of shoegaze light highlighting, this time, a more brazen opening towards the melody.

Napoli / Milan (IT)
Shoegaze, New Wave, Math
Vipchoyo Sound Factory / A State Of Flux Records

Website // Facebook  // Bandcamp


Across tracks such as Sleepless Girl, In Abeyance, Regulus, and the finale of the recording, Marianne, Stella Diana rises to the occasion of expectancy and set a creative new high, one of passion, one of indestructability, of required listening. Liverpool Sound and Vision (UK)

Stella Diana excel in creating a chilling sonic architecture to their songs: haunting, brooding and filled with vast spaces and high vaulted ceilings. Backseat Mafia (UK)

Dreamy, evasive guitar playing are leading the listeners into a dark, dreamy vision which is accompanied by the dark, sensual vocals. Side-Line