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OCTOPUSS are an Italian power trio of mind-blowing impact, with international relevance. The group’s musical style, influenced by bands such as The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Red Hot Chili Peppers and The Beatles, consists of rock with an emphasis on funk. The band, characterized since its debut by an energetic and steamy-hot performance on stage and its over the top live acts, is composed by Reepo (guitar and vocal), Garrincha (bass – founder of the Italian multiplatinum band “Le Vibrazioni”, and member of the Italian “Superband”) and Nick Turri, replacing the former drummer Luca Capasso.

Octopuss have a large experience in live performance: they are one of the few European independent bands which can count about a thousand of shows held in 3 continents, Europe, North America and Asia. They have performed at any array of venues and festivals all over Italy, plus tours in U.S. (playing at famous East Coast and West Coast music venues), U.K., Europe, and recently 10 outstanding tours in China.

The band has also opened for big international acts as Deep Purple and Scorpions and has received various awards and recognitions (among them, winner of the Jack Daniel’s Challenge for Rock TV as “Best Italian Rock Band” was invited to perform at the “Global Music Event” at Lynchburg, Tennessee, to represent the Italian rock scene in the U.S.).

Octopuss have achieved a world class production and top studio recording as well. Thank to the contacts collected with the hot performances held in California during their previous U.S. tours (which included shows at famous venues as The Viper Room and The Cat Club, in Hollywood), Octopuss have moved to Los Angeles and have been invited to legendary Shangri-La Studios, in Malibu, by Beej Chaney (singer/guitarist from “The Suburbs”, who was both impressed and fascinated with the Italian band’s unique and “so tight!” sound) for the recording sessions of their highly anticipated new album “A Nut For A Jar of Tuna”. Shangri-La Studios definitely represent a milestone of Rock music’s history: converted to a recording studio to precise specifications of Bob Dylan and “The Band” in the 1970s, location of Martin Scorsese’s documentary “The Last Waltz”, this studio has a peerless list of artists recorded such as Eric Clapton, Keith Richards, Black Sabbath, Santana, ZZ Top, Metallica, U2, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Muse, Eminem, Ed Sheeran.

The album, produced and mixed with multiplatinum British producer Gary Miller (David Bowie, Simply Red, Slash & Fergie, Lionel Richie, Donna Summer, …), with the collaboration of Beej Chaney and Eric Lynn (sound engineer – among the others, on Ed Sheeran’s, Metallica’s, Eminem’s, Neil Young’s albums, …) has been released in Europe on May 2022.


Lights in Forgotten Places is the first full length for Karma Voyage from Venice, available from January 27th, 2023 on CDs, vinyls and digital on Shyrec (IT) and Icy Cold Records (FR).
Anticipated by the single Shine, released on January 13th, Lights in Forgotten Places fluctuates between light and darkness, with the musicians painting the tracks with sounds coming from their different backgrounds, avoiding to be stuck on a single genre.
At the same time, it’s a bare album, far from clichés. Emotions pour on the listener giving freedom to create different visions, allthough it’s not lacking guitars crescendo and wild rides almost oniric, leading to nordic empty spaces. Not by chance, the track New Foundations features the unmistakable voice of Nils Ottensmeyer from Blue Angel Lounge.

Karma Voyage were born at the end of 2019 as neo-psych experimental band, with strong new wave influences. The project was started by Luca Castellaro (guitars and vocals) and Giuseppe Brunetti (solo guitars), with the addition in May 2020 of Alvise Scarpa (bass), Leonardo Sebastiani (synth) and Edoardo Dotta (drums).
Anticipated by the single Untold Desires, their first EP was released in October 2021 by the cult french label Icy Cold Records, and quickly got recognition in the neo psych underground, being even shared on Captain Beefart’s YouTube Channel.
From August to November 2022, with the new drummer Stefano Anoè, Karma Voyage recorded at Velvet Studio Lights in Forgotten Places, produced by Luca Castellaro.

Venice, Italy
neo-psychedelia, new wave
Icy Cold Records (FR)
Shyrec (IT)

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…expansive shoegaze sound, nestled in that psychedelic sonic sphere akin to Skying-era Horrors, The Maccabees, and Deerhunter.
Post-Punk (video premiere)


Artist: Wow Sailor
Title: Happy Fear
Format: album
Release date: Oct 14th, 2022
Label: Dugnad Records
File under: electronica, modern classical, ambient

PR Territories: Worldwide

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Wow Sailor is the name of the solo-project of musician, composer and producer Kim Uglum Reenskaug from Oslo, Norway.
Wow Sailor upcoming album Happy Fear is composed, recorded and mixed by Reenskaug who weaves together a auditive fabric of field recordings, samples and synths and creates an atmospheric, emotional and meditative landscape.
Trumpet extraordinaire Arve Henriksen and vocalist Synne Sanden makes significant contributions to the album. Their participation amplifies the landscapes and makes them emotionally engaging to experience. Stig Reenskaug, the brother of the artist, contribute with a floating and dynamic violin and warm and earthy guitars.
The album is about the contrasting emotions joy and fear, how they both thrive in us and in cunning ways are intertwined and live side by side.
Happy Fear takes us there, into the uncomfortable fear and the light joy that makes the darkness disappear, grounding us. The album is a journey through the internal world, through our universal feelings working together and against each other.
The music, and the poem that the titles make out, allows you to lay down and disappear in to another world where feelings and their imagery can come to the surface, where everything can be allowed to be abstract, yet near.

In addition to his solo-project Reenskaug is the drummer of Norwegian indie-rock band Oh Yeah Tiger. He collaborates closely with experimental pop singer Synne Sanden, and is co-producing her upcoming, fifth album Unfold.
Reenskaug is currently working with two stage performances. Taking Root premiered at the Open Out festival in Tromsø and was part of Meteor International Theater festival in Bergen. Corentin JPM Levens’ performance Birds Of Ill Omen premieres in Oslo’s Black Box Theater March 2022.

Wow Sailor plans to tour internationally with Happy Fear in 2023.

Before We Can Be Together was the first released track from the upcoming album Happy Fear by Wow Sailor, out on Dugnad Rec on October 14th, 2022.
This composition is an atmospheric conversation in which a living and textured environment comes into being. The track is about the search for emotional clarity and connection to the world.
A hybrid instrumental exploration in which electronic and acoustic instruments blends with a field recording from a chance encounter while travelling.
The song features guitars and violin by Stig Reenskaug and vocals by Synne Sanden.
The music video is made by Norwegian video artist Benjamin Torvik, who assembled a collage of analog footage from Oslo. The tactile approach blends well with the music and brings out a poetic nostalgia and melancholy from mundane situations.


Ballade (NO) – video première
Il Manifesto (IT)
A découvrir absolument (FR)
On sent que le grand Nord, de sa grisaille intériorisée sans concessions et ses cieux portant jusqu’aux confins de l’horizon, infuse de sa paisible mélancolie un « Happy Fear » ni joyeux ni effrayant, que l’on devine libérateur pour Wow Sailor, aventureux matelot en quête d’émotions. Puisse sa boussole érudite le mener, lui et ses compagnons de fortune, jusqu’à destination, là où le sommeil est inutile, puisque l’on y rêve les yeux grand ouverts.
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