Hailing from Porto, Portugal, Dreamweapon is a Psychedelic Voodoo Industrial Machine, the brain child of 10000 Russos former bass player André Couto. Like the forefathers who inspired their name (Angus MacLise, Tony Conrad, Spacemen 3), their music is minimalist, droney, headswirling psychedelia of an hallucinatory nature.

Following 2013 self released EP; 2015 LP released on Lovers and Lollypops (PT); 2018 SOL on Fuzz Club (UK); an European tour in 2018, and a constant presence in festivals since 2015, Dreamweapon have self-released one single and four albums during 2020 confinement, Calandriae, Post-Psych Monologues, Maelstrom X, Rites of Lunacy and Quíron. In February 2021, Rites of Lunacy is re-released on Little Cloud Records (USA) / Cardinal Fuzz (UK). After the first unexpected post confinement show in Pescara, Italy, in August, Dreamweapon followed up in November with a six date minitour in France and Belgium, plus a full one month tour in May 2021, including shows in the UK , Mag4 in Brussels and Psychedelic Umami Festival in CZ.

Dreamweapon new album Ars Moriendi will be released in the second half od 2023 by Little Cloud Records (US), Infinite Spin (US) e Up In Her Room (UK).

Porto (PT)
Kraut, Industrial
Little Clouds / Cardinal Fuzz Records

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“… With Dreamweapon you are brought into the bleakest of worlds where all expression is distorted amongst a murky backdrop of noise and it’s really rather glorious.” Isolation Records
“…haunted psychedelia at its best.” It’s Psychedelic Baby Mag
“Dreamweapon lives up to its name on Rites Of Lunacy and presents a dark dream like consciousness that envelops the listener. The music is mind altering casting a trace and guiding the listener into the darkness.” The Psych Rock
“This is an album for those who love to explore sound and the mediums which create it. It’s not something that everyone will instantly love, but maybe that’s the point…” Backseat Mafia
LIVE Review : “Dreamweapon used guitars and electronica to produce music that built to be the sound of a huge, all-encompassing machine. Industrial and brutal at times, there were no soft edges, just the magnificent sound of industrial might. Given that, there was a bizarre intelligence to that machine, an underlying sentience; Powerful and absorbing.” Louder Than War